Thursday, June 3, 2010

Impulse Extended Mod

some mods which i considered as compulsory for my Impulse =)

the shield~ if you had read my G30th WIP then you should know what i'm going for. supposedly i just need to mod the cross but ended up scribing some extra panel lines ^^;;;

and i had redesign the base for the cross and got pla-plates to cover up the gap between the red pieces

as for the cross, i had removed the 'arms' and gonna sand it flush

aside from modding the shield, i think that i should also adjust the proportions of Impulse itself..and so

got some plates stacking up at the peg to extend it

and sanding + reshaping shall follow up after this

and this stack of plates will go on for extending the torso =D

and the shield got primed..ahh yeah...some more extra lines ^^;;;

oh yes, i need some sprays for the shield as well as StarGazer..

and so

oh yeah, i can't find Gray sprays so i had to make another change on my StarGazer which is on the color scheme.At first i want to use the original scheme but due to this, i had to change it

so for StarGazer it will be White, Black, Yellow and Red =D

back to the shield

and there you go~ done painting the shield =D

ugghh...look at that texture on the red pieces.....thank you Krystal Red Spray...orz...but i just kept it like i said, "Texture" =D

and when it's in Open Mode. ah forgot to mention that i got the inner part in Flat Black =D gotta love that spray~

and the back piece as well ^^

hey hey, didn't it seems weird? i went to Gusto and only got those sprays?

actually not just that

presenting~~~ SonSaku Physalis~

"why dont wait for the Shin version?"

who cares about Shin or what....i just like this guy so i want it and going to mod it XD

pretty...standard...amount of pieces for a SD..except those parts are BIG!

oh yes, Gusto got their stuff without going pass through Litt Tak or whatsoever so apparently the comic is not in English but in Japan...

and my sis got the camera for another week...orz

speaking of Sonsaku, i had snap-fitted it and it need serious EXTENSIONS. thanks to the large-sized parts, i might try some joint mods on it ^^

well, wait for it then =D



  1. Yeah..........Ican say it Awesome mod for Shield :D

  2. This should look interesting. =)

    Look forward for the GP02A. =)

  3. @Mangyver thank you

    @Evaritus hehe now tempted on some heavy mod for GP02A XD

  4. Whoa, you are venturing very far my friend! Modding a SD sweet :D

  5. @Chubby hehehhe suddenly my time limit got extended XD

  6. Awesome mode as usual :D...

    I think if get from Lit-tak also in japanese... not sure hehe..

    oh... SD modding time

  7. @Tsuki thanks hehe the one from Litt Tak got comics in English. i got one =D

  8. what happened to the red color?
    Try spraying flat topcoat, maybe can help

  9. @ Heat ^^;; cant expect much from some cheap spray ^^;; but maybe just leave it like that...sometimes textures are good~

  10. good idea, it looks nice. I never put the 'cross' on my rx-78's shield.. it's(the cross) still on the runner.. maybe I can try this. ^_^