Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom

time to put up the Gallery for my RX-78-2 Custom for the Groupbuild =D

i bet that you guys didn't expect it to be BLACK XD

okay okay, let me explain, actually according to the first WIP, i did said that there will be no painting for this kit as this is my first RX-78 (and i thought it will be the first and only first) but.....

shortly after they announced the RG RX-78....i got some mixed feelings...

and during WIP 3, i ended up repainting some red parts

okay let me get this clear, RX-78-2 G30th got a lighter color scheme compared to the original scheme, so that's why i repaint the feet, head crest and chin but, when i flat-coated it, the lighter shade turned to be too light to my i gave the torso flat black and the mid-torso the red i used for the rest of the red part and so

turned out to be pretty good ^^ oh yes, the v-fin also, i got it in yellow :D

okay, the photos now ^^ explanation follows XD

Basic Photos

the flat coat really do some pretty good job, the shield turns out to be very nice compared to the not coated one

that's what you get when spraying flat-coat during (very very) cloudy day

see the handle...frosting arrggghh!!!! even so , i didn't clean it all..only some parts since i just go lazy with the frosting ^^;;;

Action Poses

beam cannon~!!!

stupid swivel-handle but no palm to grip it

still, the bazooka looks nice for me

some might think the saber in the shield as a gun as well XD

pretty nice result by playing with the red spray~ i got pink~ got that by a thin layer followed by lazy-wet-sanding XD

at least the stand is not visible ^^;;; less hammer photos..thanks to limited mobility for this kit is even hard to make him to have a nice stance (or maybe it is just me ^^;;)

wrapping up this build, all i can say that this kit is pretty good IMO despite the limited mobility even using the PC-OO1 aka HG OO PC. the hammer is a good plus comparing it with the original HGUC release. just cant say much on it since i'm overall are satisfied with the kit and the work i did on it :D

also to say, i decided to paint this one since the RG that i shall be getting will not have any repaint XD

like usual, check the WIPs as well ^^
-WIP 1
-WIP 2
-WIP 3
-WIP 4
-WIP 5

on side note...







aha..ahahahahah ^^;;;

dammit collaboration between supermarkets...that MG Exia appears at another one...and i'm sold...^^;;;;

gonna try to finish my current works (namely Sonsaku and KGale) at least the major mod before priming before get this guy build...




(well, nothing to regret though, it's "RARE" to have MG at such price..but this would be a bit better if i'm a bit patient ^^;;; mah,..what's done is done)



  1. Congrats since u get MG Exia TA XD

  2. Holy tortillas, ZD. You've bagged him.

  3. @Mangyver Thanks haha

    @Bd yeahhh~!! i got him~~

  4. Bravo hoot at 80% ~

    Now show us that Tao...emm...Transam GN Drive color. =)

  5. Fwah awesome work...reminds me of rx78-3 FA7 gundam :D

    TA Exia woot!!

  6. Nice RX78-2 Custom! Black is suit well XD...

    EXIA TA!!!! finally u got it!


  7. Woot! You finally got it!
    Rx-78-2 looking nice.^^

  8. Nice, very nice! Very well done and I kinda find the frosting to have a nice effect IMHO. :D
    I like the colors you gave to the RX78... -1. It should be called the RX78-1 now since the color scheme is closer to the first unit. XD

    Anyways... you've finally gotten that MG Exia TA! Lucky you! How I wish I can find one at 80% discount... wait, I wonder if I can. Better go do some "sight-seeing" at some supermarkets. >.>

  9. @Evaritus hehe soo will be the unboxing. i dont think im gonna build it soon

    @Chubby thanks =D cannon ftw~

    @Tsukinari hehehe just like how you feel for your kits, to get them all painted XD yes, you must finish Jinx.......and Reborns.......and OO...and....jk jk XD

    @Marrz thanks ^^ yeah, finally he haz came to zd-base XD

    @CD Thank you ^^ well, frosting may be nice but if tend to be uber frosting that's another story ^^;; hehe no need to worry for -1 or -2 since i put "Custom" in the name XD

    go lol hahahah who could wonder if you might stumble upon one ;D

  10. is that a FA RX-78 Counterpart hahaha..

    and... a 80% discounted MG!!
    wow.. nice loot XD hahahaha..

  11. @Mafty ;D Proto-FA RX-78
    heheheh noone shall resist that XD

  12. Very unique and modification. You are quite brave to go ahead with the modification.

  13. @LEon now i got the courage for mods :D

  14. love the gundam hammer pose.
    gundam hammer can take a whole life bar at gundam battle assault XD

  15. @Heathorn Agreeeeed awesome weapon in Battle Assault :D

  16. good RX78, but for some reason the only RX78 "good" for me is upcoming RG.

    discount 80%??????
    it's a must buy if I saw it.

  17. @Divinelight well yes, im also looking forward for the RG. That will be a must buy for me~