Thursday, April 15, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 3


more updates~
note : the first 4 pictures are taken using Nikon coolpix 5700 which i dont know on how to adjust the setting making me to snapped some pictures with weird discoloration -__-

okay among the part that i had painted..the bazooka got kinda good layer of white paint while the shield....i'll explain after this...

the red on the shield turned out to be glossy/shiny and compared it with the original red plastic....actually when painting it i made a dumb mistake which is i painted red first.....the best is to use white first..but what i did are= first 2 coat=red, white coat then finishing red coat....4 coats.....that make the paint to be too thick until it become the details on the shield kinda almost 'depleted'

however, the red pigment of the paint turned out to be something fun~

first i thought that i'll make a red beam i just give one thin lazy coat of red and guess what?i got pink~! actually it almost red but then i give it some wet sanding and got pink~ like it~

comparing the pink with the shield..but the lighting may give different effects it seems ^^;;

different from the white spray, the red seems to be something fun~!


i decide to paint the feet, head crest and the chin~

since its already red, so i gave only a light coat of red to prevent it from being glossy and what i got? gritty surface~! yaaiiyy~no need to use basic putty+ thinner + brush stroke technique~

the red crest and the chin turned out to be nice with a bit gritty~ the only reason why i repaint the red is that for RX-78 G30, the color scheme seems to be lighter so i want a darker red (but didnt paint the lower torso also since i want it to be balanced with the light blue of upper torso =D)

and yes, one bonus stuff ^^

that open palm is from my TTHL Exia TA and i changed the angle of the fingers (and yes, i mod this palm after making the katana)
why after making the katana? since this palm is included in my may-be-neglected musha project...

still didnt get it?

there you go. i mod the finger so that it can hold a scabbard (in this case proto-scabbard) and yeah, do note that i wont use the katana for RX-78 ^^

shin musha lolololol but not for this kit okay =)

so for the overall look so far..

the cannon still looking bare and need more detailing...notice how glossy the shield? too reflective lol

back shot. full armaments haha

just randomly shot this pose...since i 'played' with it too much so some painted parts (gold and silver) need re-touch up (maybe before topcoating ^^)

well, that for now ^^



  1. bandai to lazy make mold for RX-78 left hand -______-
    how about hide the katana in the shield ;)

  2. wow........4 me u need to make the shield not glossy because its color was not fit with red parts of g30th

  3. hehe...... forgot 2 tell......u maybe need to make the cannon look shorter bur not very short because it does not look compact

  4. @moe haha i want to put the beam saber hilt in the shield =D got some plans for the sabers rack

    @mangyver me myself didnt want it to be glossy but what can i do? its spray can not AB if i use AB i will even repaint the whole RX-78

    the cannon is still basic...still dont think on the exact plan for the cannon...

  5. @ZD: what kind of spray do u use? nice WIP, shield a bit too thick though :P

  6. a cheap spray of the Krysal brand...not really Gunpla-friendly...need to get AB ^^;;

  7. bazooka FTW, hahahaha
    I havent even opened my 78 box >.<

    you going to repaint the shield?

  8. nope maybe just leaving it like that...kinda like the gloss now ^^;;; hoping that flat coat will reduce the gloss a bit

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  10. Amuro: Shiny shield attack!
    Char: ARGH! MY EYES!!! I CAN'T SE--
    Amuro: GUNDAM HAMMER! >D
    Char: OOUF! x.x

    Even though the shield didn't came out as planned, I guess it is okay in a way. XD

    *oops, typo just now*