Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project KnightinGale File 1

My project of the year~!


first let me get it clear on this 'KnightinGale'

i happened to write a Gundam-like story during my exams last year and i managed to make kinda great story (well, everyone likes it when you can write nonsense XD)
so, 4 exams + 1 special test, i had write kinda Eps 1, Eps 2, Eps 3, Eps 3 (alternative) , and Eps 4 ^^

telling a bit on the Story ^^

the setting is absolutely fictional, unlike Gundam Story,this one is kinda like on a Personal Military faction (not CB~) who accepts request from other country for military assistance..and yeah, in this story there's no stupid war between countries in the world, only some global terrorist making stir around ^^;;;

however in all 4 (+1) Eps i wrote, i only make battles on the top terrorist, Black Fang

first, What is KnightinGale?

as i mentioned, this is a Gundam like story but since this is made during English exam, so i cant write Mobile Suit or teacher will have a large '?' on her making it easier, i addressed these 'MS' as Fighting Machine (Duuh, lame name) FigMach in short XD

in the story, the world was introduced on this MS-like technology so there are not much FigMach..the very first that i created is Exalt, transformable FigMach..from the data they created mass-FM=Pawn and make special units...the KnightinGale

(note : i use same naming concept as Code Geass Knightmare so that explain the K in KnightinGale )

Black Fang= Raptor and lead unit= CaeZare

technology? i created the Quark Throttle system (im in OO fever when i make this story >_>;;;)

a bit summary on all Eps ^^

Eps 1 = mainly introduction, no KnightinGale yet.. the only eps that main character use Exalt lulz

Eps 2 =KnightinGale is introduced..managed to write quite nice battle between Blade KnightinGale + Cannon KnightinGale vs CaeZare

Eps 3 = some love essence a bit (yuck) main setting at outer space..main reference for the storyline= Kurogane No LineBarrel (eps on destroyng that satellite cannon (manga)) extra weapon in this eps= Helix Cannon

Eps 3 alternative = the best battle i ever write, both Blade KGale and CaeZare is destroyed lolz

Eps 4 = final eps ^^ Blade KGale is hijacked and battle between Lance KGale and Blade

going on the point, KnightinGale is a Knight-looking Unit
and got variations..not really since its a military unit so it got specific the story there are 5 units of KGale and got custom weapon based from the pilots ^^

Unit's Config= Normal armor and Assault Armor (main weapon here is Strike Grappler Claw ^^ might make this)

Weapon = so far i make design on Blade pack, Cannon pack , Dash pack and a custom lance

im building myself a KnightinGale using DSSD Astray kit as the base

however, im sucks in making designs in black and white so this project will be a random mod >_>;;; feel free to throw comments or suggestions ^^
hopefully can produce a Knight-looking kit lolz

lacking material also now =_=

nevermind about that XD

i chose DSSD Astray since it has visor~hahaha

some progress so far ^^

the original skirt is small so im making it bigger and longer

this astray got small torso and i happen to get longer arm via some mods in previous making the right proportion, i make the torso a bit longer..cut it into half first..

stacked some cards in it and got a nice length~

also, got the head fitted with a PC and it give me the effect on lengthened neck~~

for the side skirts, i glued a piece from the backpack to make it into a side binder

did some 'pla'-plating job so now i have..

err...i do felt that something isnt right now...maybe IMO

put some antennas on the head...turned out to be some sort of oni-looking O.o

thanks to the PC, the neck seems to be lengthened so it can make the menacing down staring lolz

wanna make the torso bulkier to match the proportion so just randomly put some plates there...

made some more cutting and gluing at the front skirt to get a nice looking one

so far just playing around with the armors and slapping them randomly at the leg..maybe need more to make it better =D

as for the rifle, i combined the main rifle with barrel from NG 1/144 Strike..will add more after this ^^

some action pose

now i get doesnt look like a MS....too slim IMO...derrkkh..maybe need more armors..

*insert Grappler Claw* XD but thats why i wanna make that weapon haha

thats all now ^^



  1. nice story ^_^ looking forward for the finished version
    last pic : yeah I am ZanDai's gundam

  2. Impressive mod job, I must say. Cool, a GP-03 Stamen-like side thrusters~! Approves.

    Hmm... Regarding the slim part... Why not make the hips, lower thighs and forearms with more armoured plates?
    The torso is just nice, and so does the head.
    And also, (since this IS from the Seed series) BIG backpack~! XD

    TK221: Cool. *nods*
    TK401: Uh... Have you deleted, "those" stuffs in your old unit?
    TK221: Wait.. Lolwhut? O_O

  3. @stat LOLZ it seems it wanna say 'stop saying Zandai!!!!!!!!'

    @bd ah yes adding more armors..great~! big backpakc under planning lulz

    and yes, seems i still didnt check the main data storage XD

  4. Whoa.....looks great, man. But don't remove white parts at legs because it loos like GM light armor and legs will become thin, LOL. ^_^

  5. I never knew you wrote the story for knightingGale, nice ZD!

    looks like quite a heavy mod, definitely need extra sanding hahaha

    maybe you make one diorama for each episode ^^

  6. Always curious about this one,what materials did you use for the pla-plates?and yes you shud add more pla-plates to muscle up his body hahaha

  7. @gyver haha will keep the armors lol

    @heat thanks lol yeah heavy mod upcoming ^^ moar sanding ^^

    @faris yep need more plate ^^ and i use this to replace pla-plate

    but only has 1 thickness only ^^;;

  8. so the next lineup is here..

    ZD 1/144 DSZD Astray Custom..
    I should grab it quickly before it's run out..

  9. Lolwhut?

    i thought you gonna grab RG 1/144 Heat-Nu first?

  10. very nice modification indeed :D