Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Safe and Sound~
(well,they didnt put the word 'laju' in PosLaju for nothing)

for anyone who read this post might wanna know what happen to TK221's old unit,the DSSD Astray..

guess what~?

got a parcel today~ BD posted this yesterday and it arrived today around 2.00 pm~ as expected from PosLaju lolz~

here goes the unboxing~

after some thick protective outer wrapping, here comes the shell that protect the precious content~

woah~ such efforts to ensure the safety of the content~

what i got inside?

OMG OMG OMG DSSD ASTRAY~!! the key item for my main project of the year 2010~
Zillions Of Thanks To BD and TK221 for letting me to have this unit ^_^

may i announce it.....

*insert drum-roll*


details on it will be covered later XD

huh? there's something inside this plastic rolls


ohho~ the rest of the accessories~ again still in good condition~

okay then, time to put this thing standing

yeah, kinda lots of trouble to make it stand..some parts wanna pop off, some are loose etc etc (but im aware for this since BD had remind me lots of time on such flaws)
well, this is a TTHL kit not Bandai =D

so now, lets strip this guy~

yes Bandai..no one will hate you if you give a HG kit with such great inner frame lolololol

okay, articulation test

being a PC-less kit, mostly of the joints are ball joint and is in the form of double ball joint..so it can pull off such great pose but some joint are tight and some are dead loose....this is a call for my tool box ^^

time to give this guy some PCs

the feet got a PC-like piece but is made of PS plastic and such joint as prone to looseness and breakage so need to change it

tried to fit a PC there and it fits nicely~ great~!

also for the hip joint, i squeezed a PC there

however, problem hit on me as i lack of suitable ball-slot PC for the shoulder so

by cutting and gluing, i combine the original piece with the PC-like piece from the feet

then i also glued the armor attachment part to it

the result?

=D fits nice and great~also give some length to the arm~

going more a little bit...

the hip joint is like double ball joint so to make it to have stiffer joint, i glued the ball-joint so that it become a fixed hip-joint..also puttied that part to give more strength~

thats it~ supposely i should not work on it but went berserk mode and give it a blow
anyway, lots of thanks again to BD and TK221 for this unit =D

will give the best for this mod~!!



  1. Glad to know the package arrived safely. :)

    Heheh, the "protective" material is just for insurance.

    Wow. I'm amazed that you managed to dismantle AND add PC parts to it. With, I wish you all the best with your endeavor.

  2. ZEDIA/ZeeDiong brand original knighttinggale ^_^

  3. Ah, so this is Bd's.
    Did he charge you any cash for it? Hehe....

  4. Huhu, so it has arrived and now you have begun!
    Looking forward to this... ZANDAI!


  5. didn't know this type of astray, nice kit you have there :p

  6. More of ZD epic customization.