Monday, April 19, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 5

Almost done~!

being an OOB kit doesnt require lots of mod work and for the add-on i choose to go on simple on them ;)

painted the cannon with flat black (accidentally used flash for the pic but seems to be okay) i didnt give lots of detailing work/sanding since this part is made of non-compact plastic so sanding it will make it even worse -_-

just making it simple~ take it easy okay~ also had painted the screw's head gold to make the mechanical feels to stand out more ^^the tip is the original color of the metal

also got a clear piece from a clear runner and painted it with permanent green marker to get clear green effect~ thats the sensor/scope~

looks better now~ gotta love that sensor fin~ it makes it look juuuuuuuuust better~!!

however, since the cannon is mostly filled up with putty, so it gained some in un-deployed mode, it experiencing some back heavy....but i like the deployed version more...more cool lolz~

some action poses ^^

hidden beam saber ftw~!

truly the fin on the cannon just give the cannon much better look

thats all for the build phase of RX-78 G30th Custom..only left is touch-ups and topcoating~ had make this one fast since im now eager on my project of the year lolz~



  1. hehehehe HAX RX-78 ^_^
    hidden weapon
    trans-am LULZ

  2. Wow, the cannon on it's shoulder looks great....

  3. ZD moar level up here ^^
    looks like now you like epo putty? hhahha

  4. lol level up haha

    yeah kinda like playing epo putty now ^_^