Sunday, April 11, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 2

OMG i touched that putty again

continuing with my work on G30

instead of cementing the shoulder, i make panel-lines at the seams to balance it with the rest of the panel-lines...and had to scratch the opposite side of the seams so that can make better panel-lines

and yes, the seam-removal for the arm kinda successful although loses some details due to sanding the cemented parts =_=

also painted the V at the crotch gold like what rndm did

good thing they make the front skirt armor to be already separated ^^

and going down further...

the pure im gonna sand those while not causing damage to the details O_O;;;;

so what i did is i sanded the part that i could and slice the oozed plastic off with knife...pretty hard job @_@

and turned out kinda good..and details-loses is quite minimal

and yeah, now it is in one piece now..the real culprit who dragged me into Gunpla world (note: when i was 8 i saw FG RX-78 and thinks on buying it but dad never bought technically this guy got me hooked to gunplas ^^;;;)

and moving to the shield...

i restore this stuff again.....only will use it for filling hollow parts...and for gaps i'll use bacis putty (wonder if putty will be effective against Yukari?)

and for extension or whatsoever i'll get tamiya's epoxy putty..more reliable me think..

first got the upper side 'sealed' so that can make the putty to be compressed enough ^^

so filling the putty from the inside, they went through very smooth~

and yes, note which are good puttying and bad puttying ^^;;and i just filled the vertical hollow only for point doing that ^^;;

and for the back-cannon..

yes i use ballpen....but will only make the base so far..that red is taken from my lil bro's broken toys and fitted a plastic rod in it...and also fitted a PC into the pen....and that the part i feared the most for mis-aligning....>.<>.<

need to find multicharger then...



  1. I miss ZeeDiongEX now hahahah just kidding
    is that putty really that bad I think you bought tamiya putty last month ?

  2. Haha............tak sabar nak tunggu backpack cannon XD

  3. @moe i use tamiya putty for filling small gap and scratches and that dangerous putty, i kinda used to it smell whatsoever ^^ and i also used tamiya putty after sanding the putty to get better finish

    @gyver wait for it

  4. ohh... *impressed with the mod done*
    And an ingenious re-design on the shield. =D

  5. haha the shield re-design is a 'must' =)

  6. I cant wait to see the final design also especially the back pack cannon.

  7. yeah, the seamline on the leg was quite frustrating...I think Bandai figures out how to improve the details but they don't really succeeded on hiding RX-78's seamlines T.T
    But I see that yours is very clean now, risky move with the knive, but it's very effective :D

  8. yeah, cant measure how much sweat i shed during removing the seams on the leg ^^;;

  9. ..... I dont even dare to sand,but sanding while trying not to ruin the detail is like O_O,but nice work!

  10. yeah really almost drive me insane ^^;;