Friday, April 9, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 1

Here it comes ~

yep, gonna work on this now ^^

before going on with the WIP, i shall make my reference in making mods

-yep, gonna try to remove all (if cant some) seam lines of this kit

-Joint Mods?
- >_> i wont make any joint mod for this kit since got no suitable tools and no suitable materials despite me seeing too many potentials for joint mods (not to forget that almost cut a peg or two to trigger joint mod procedure lolololololol)

-nope, no painting/changing color scheme for this guy..this is my first RX-78 so i like it being like this ^^ and will only repaint the shield since will have putty job on the shield (scroll down ^^) and might paint the bazooka

- will redesign the cross on the shield..umm..why? *scratch head* well, better say religious issue (but please dont think the bad on us, Muslims) if you wanna explanation i'll explain it ^^

-Gonna add a cannon on the backpack, making it to looks like RX-78 for ground battle (note : read Gundam The Origin then you'll know) in first battle on Earth (in Origin manga) Amuro uses a backpack with cannon to crush Garma's squad
but i wont make it to be exactly as the manga's design..gonna make my own design

-will also try to make alternative rack for beam saber since the cannon will be mounted via the left slot for the beam saber so need to relocate the saber's hilt..maybe will put it at the back of the shield like RX-78 Ver Ka ^^


-Top Coat?
-will topcoat it ^^ since during seams-removing procedure the surface of plastic might have different shades so topcoating it with flat coat will make them to look equal ^^

so for conclusion this will be almost a straight-build with add-ons ^^

to the WIP now

how i redesign the making it to look like SEED's typical shield.made the 'arms' of the cross to be as tsurupettan flat as the red part. how i got it into such result? answer=crazy sanding XD
see the hollow/gap? gonna deal with it using the only stuff i got in my room with Biohazard warning.....the epoxy putty ^^;;;

and also made some try-outs on removing seams

look~! no seams!! and no white discoloration is produced due to cementing and sanding process ^^

also paint the ammo of the bazooka ^^

and yeah, some parts do got me annoyed


those spikes are PITA to get their nubs to be cleaned..maybe they should mold it together with the main body (im agreeing with you rndm!)

maybe since i use marker with kinda large tips but those side and face vents are kinda hard to get them painted nicely >_>;;; also painted the vulcans gold shall never neglect pistons~!!will scrap off the excess paint ^^

well, i DID say i want shiny thrusters~ so this is not to be excluded also =D

and yeah, Marzz asked me before on how i painted these thrusters..dunno whether my own method will be useful since i use markers not paint ^^;;;; hopefully useful ^^

markers that i use..the silver is kinda okay but the gold is a bit annoying since it need looooooooong time to be completely dry and need to be touched-up every time you touched the gold

first i'll get the inner part of the thruster painted while it is still on the runner (in fact im used to make panel-lines when the parts still on the runners ^^ thats my second step in building Gunpla after cracking the box ^^) actually can still paint the gold when the thrusters are attached to their positions ^^;;;

then, got the thrusters off the runners and paint the base near the peg half only
so that no damage to the paint is obtained when attaching the thrusters

then attach the thruster and color the silver thoroughly. actually can paint the gold for the inner during this step ^^

look at that~ shiny lolz~!! me like~!!!

thats all to be wrapped up in this WIP.actually wanna tell more but my camera's battery died >_<;;;;; .



  1. hmm sorry ZD but I just feel reading NGeekhiongEX post now @_@;;; dunno why ??

  2. @moe: He's turning into an NK clone! OMG! O.O
    (except that NK only add details with markers/paints and no seam removal or anything extensive like that)

    Looks like ZD continues to evolve in the Gunpla world~

  3. @guys OMG yeah i felt the same when i read back this post ^^;;;; seems that i wrote too much without me realizing it >_<;;;;;

    @rndm evolution never stop =D

  4. Haha gundam evolution. Don't be like me...learn to many mods and mod until I don't know how to finish lol!!!

    I just started working for the group build :D hehe...but won't post till after june buahah!!

  5. hehe just click on the post button will ya? and send me the gunpla XD

  6. hey...hey...u wanna make the shield like Dagger?

  7. LoL the parts especially the close up head made it look like 1/48 scale.

  8. haha the details are the same with the 1/48 ver ^^;;;

  9. Oh good looking G 30th kit. =)

    That artline gold is shiny, but it's not user-friendly since we do touch 'em accidentally hahaha..^^"

    I wonder, how bro crave those extra lines? Using penknife won't be an easy task wor.

  10. eii? extra line where? as matter of fact RX-78 G30 can be say as panel-line hell..already got lots of panel lines ^^

  11. nice man, when I build my RX-78, I skip painting the thruster on the feet, the piston and those parts in the bazooka..I'm just too lazy to do that LoL

  12. haha well you already repaint your RX-78 ^^

  13. shiny pistons and thruster!
    that will make a big difference, like it bro.