Friday, April 2, 2010

GuaiZD WIP 4 + something~


note : the WIP got nothing to do with the title XD

some progress on GuaiZD (okay mafty, you won this time on ZD series =_=")

made panel lines on the backpack and filled the mis-scribed with tamiya basic putty (can see the filled line in the pic ^^;;)

still figuring on the waist, so i tried on checking for any possible mod for the elbow

O_O;;; the space after removed unwanted plastic is too small for any PC to fits in....need to get some Koto's option joints =_="

felt a bit bored so...

got the backpack cut into three parts...

and while figuring on anything i can do with the backpack (movable side parts etc etc)
i came up with this...

Musha GuaiZD lolz~

haha but i wont make it like this ^^;; the katana is a scratch built previously..

so, after brainstorming for a while...

i think that i'll make a backpack with movable side thruster =D

manage to fixed a PC there after some hard work (almost break a part ugguu..)

when i came up until this 'stage', i decided that i'll take a break for a while and...

took the keys and off to Gusto~!

went there to pick up my HGUC RX-78 G30 that i ordered earlier and also...

SD UC GET~!! now i got all RXs that i want~!!
SD UC is one of kits that i wanted while RX-78 is in my must-get list and for RockLeeLotus Group Build ^^

first impression is that UC's box is bigger than RX-78 lolz

but when the boxes are cracked open...UC's box is larger due to the size of the A Granddaddy still win~ XD

one shall love these psycho frames~
UC : YESS~!!!
OO : *facepalms* Oh no....crap...

and for granddaddy, still beamless so they give you WHITE STICK!!!! >_>;;;

thats all for now ^^

need to make preparations for the JPA interview for overseas scholarship, wish me luck okay ^^

maybe will build UC first lolz

and yeah..




  1. seems I am the only one not interested in group build ^^:;
    white stick : better than nothing :P
    good luck with your interview

  2. @moe yeah better than nothing ^^;; thanks anyway

    @mangyver haha true lolz

  3. Bandai can give it a metal chain but not a beam part for the beam saber... -.-
    That was the most ironic part of the kit for me though I already knew that before I bought it. Nonetheless, irony.

    Good luck with your interview. I've never got a chance for one so tell me how was it, okay? >.>

  4. same for me thanks to dalong ^^;; anyway thanks also~

  5. woah nice.. and congrats for your #1 ZD line mwuahahha... will preorder it when available wmuahahaa...

    [feel like becoming a champion!!]

  6. ZD line = Knightingale and all the variation =_= the variation = as many as kamen rider kuuga form = 11 lololololol can beat bandai variation even MG zaku II ver 2.0

  7. Good luck with the interview :D
    The Guaiz starting to look good...

  8. I don't know GuaiZD, which series is this from?

    ah, RX-78.
    I may get the RG instead later...

    btw, I'm moving to new site, hope you will update the link for me, thanks.

  9. @marzz thanks

    @divine its NG 1/144 Guaiz from seed series...actually...

    and yeah im also getting the RG
    and congrats on new site ^^

  10. nice loot. n good luck with the interview

  11. looking good, ZD cant stop until he cuts all the parts it seems :D

    the part where you insert a PC, be careful not to sand it too much ZD, seems like the plastic had become very thin...

    backlog, ah I have the same, SD unicorn and 78 30th ^^

  12. yeah true cant stop >_>;;;

    and yes , the parts that i bored holes for PC almost break but luckily manage to prevent from happen so

    and the backlogs will be cleared fast lolz ^^