Monday, April 19, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 4


going more on granddaddy~

as im using the saber's mount for the cannon, so had to relocate one of the hilts and i choose to put it at the back of the shield...made some slots at the peg and slots

there, how the saber is mounted...note the direction of the saber? hehehehe

NOW THATS WHAT I CALL AS CHEATING~ err...better say extra hidden weapon lolz~

hidden weapon=pwnage XD

fufufufufu~ cant say i dont like hidden weapons~
done with alternate rack

the cannon next

change of plan on the cannon..i had ditch the ballpen and use this anonymous plastic (my lil bro toys i think) since i found it to be more nice looking~

changed the arm from the previous pic into this one..making it to have the look of simplicity~and the attachment is secured by screw~like it~

added some more pieces and a metal piece from some old electronic board and...

hohoho~ cannon no more~ now i have BEAM CANNON~!!!
and next is~ (no more biohazard, and i found playing putty is fun now lolz ^^;;;)

filled the large hollow gaps with putty and suprisingly, it tends to harden really fast..which make my work faster~!

and, this pic is taken less than 20 minutes after applying the isnt it?

and the putty job this time kinda perfect~(might play with it some more and make attempt on patchy lololololol)

and finally

covered it with Tamiya's basic putty to cover up small gaps =D

thats all...not really much progress =D



  1. That's quick. What kind of putty was it ?

  2. LOL cheat hahaha why not put beam cannon or grenade launcher inside more cheat ^_^ lol
    why not use GUAIZ style 2 hidden beam saber(claw) or astray green frame ^_^

  3. @evaritus Selleys high grade epoxy putty..its already mentioned at the package to have 3 minutes working time lulz

    @statwiz lol only have one white stick XD ah grenade launcher hmmm...anotehr add-on lolz

  4. I kinda forgot.... What kind of putty are you using? You make it seem so easy....


    this one lol
    watch out for the smell

    and as for now, i knead it until get really soft and then must quickly use it since it only have 3 minutes of working time (more than that it will begin to harden)