Thursday, April 29, 2010

ZD-Base 1st Anniversary

Oh yes, its 29th April today..and in 2009, in the exact same date and month, the first post in zd-base is posted ^^ (please don't search for that 1st post, i failed making the first post lulz)

how i am happy that my blog is 1 year old now ^_^

first and foremost, i would like to thank everyone who had supported me to make this blog alive lulz

anyway, i don't think will post some pictures, maybe will just make a wall of text..haha

for some flashback and 'behind the scene',the main purposes for me to make this blog is that i wanted to share with people the interest of mine (and yours too)- Gunpla
having inspired by NgeeKhiongEX, i planned to make a Gunpla Blog with some random life posts, and language...err...the early plans is that Gunpla-post is in English and life posts in Malay (of course ROJAK XD) however after the 'tag' post, i chose to make full English blog (and my english is not good also)

also, me in real life is kinda 'unnoticeable'..maybe because my i want people to know me (not for fame) so due to that, in 2007 i created 'Zoidiect' 2nd side (lol) and yes, that's for ZoidsPoison ^^;;

however, even for my Friendster account, i put that name also plus adding 'Archaea'
funny thing on that Archaea is that i just RANDOMLY created that name and never know the real fact on that name until a referral came up...its 'pictures of archaea'
and guess what?

archaea is actually a group of microorganism!! (and i goes 'lolwhut' when i know about this XD)

anyway, as for almost everyone,when you started a blog, that time you hardly get a comment or even views..and i also went through that period..almost about 6 months lol..and yes, i tried making reviews but went out to be, when i happen to view lots of WIPs around the net, i decided to start making mods...

and my first victim is my FG Virtue although the post is in August, i actually made that mod in May O.o long delay lol

maybe to explain that delay is that last year is my last year for secondary schooling and i'm in a boarding school so lets say 4/5 of 2009 was in mostly my posts are in 2 weeks gap..and that explain my loooooong WIP for OO, the gap between Part 1 and Part 5 (err..5...) is 15 days..lolz

and after my Big Exam ended aka SPM, i managed to give full attention to this blog ^^

and yes, actually for this anniversary, i wanted to make some you can see, i had changed to layout a bit and the header....urr...too bad i dont have the usual camera with me now..since i rather like to use real pictures as header..and that caused me be unable to make the updates on my Project KnightinGale..currently working on the backpack ^^

and i had just ordered pla-plates since i'm running low in modding materials >_>;;
(also i just grabbed a SD stargazer lolz)

however, my blog started to be more lively when i started the OO light-up project (thanks for luring at NK's Cbox hahahahahaha that one time only XD) and luckily i got myself into a great community (thank you marzz)..meeting people of same interest and sharing thoughts and also.....*points to blogrolls* thank you guys

I HAD BEEN DEEPLY POISONED WITH TOUHOU (mukyuuu~!!!!)>_>;;;;;;; (tq statwiz hahaha)

anyway, i think that should be enough (write more and i'll got spammed as ZeeDionEX etc etc lol)

telling a bit more, the views now is exceeding 3800 views, however, i started the hit counter in December number might be a bit wrong (since i took my profile views as starting number hahaha)

again, thank you for the support ^_^



  1. Happy 1st anniversary man haha.Project Knightingale=awesome

  2. Gratz for 1 year anniversary. Got buffet kah ? kekekeke~~

  3. @faris thanks~!!

    @evaritus thanks err...buffet hahahah lets make kenduri XD

  4. Congratz!
    IMO, the text on your blog now looks kinda too big for me. >.>

  5. Congrats for the 1st annivrsary ^_^

  6. @ CD thanks and yes, me too think like that too..the layout still need a bit of change

  7. Happy anniversary bro! keep it up!

  8. WOOOTTT!! congrats!!

    fuh!! its been a while!! glad to be back nyahahaah!! LOL yes im back (notreally)

  9. @leon thanks man

    @tsuki thanks and welcome back hahahha go finish your reborns XD

  10. Congrats on reaching 1 year,but love how sometime random words can actually mean something.

  11. congratz for the anniversary.
    it's 1 year and it's a long way to go.

  12. Happy 1st anniversary to zoidiect's base!

    bake a cake made of gunplas?