Sunday, June 6, 2010

SD StarGazer Preview

spent the whole in the room inhaling toxic fumes (i wore mask, i swear!!) painting this little guy XD

no kidding, i did the extension work on StarGazer because he is small and now i got Sonsaku on the desk....he's still looking small...anyway i had completed painting him =D

ok...i didnt think of the scheme as i had to abandon the plan on using original scheme due to some reason..and using the new color scheme, i just gave the painting and when i put him together...Strike Noir came into my mind ^^;;;

read more for some stuff during the painting phase XD

apparently, the scheme that i finalized on is actually changed midway during painting

since the actual one i did is...


StarGazer : lolwhut

hahaha no kidding at first i wanna make the ring in full yellow LOL

but when i stared at him for some minutes...i found that it looks.....funny...

so i changed it. Gave some masking and some layers of flat black and there you go~

but i need to give some coating as i went through some paint chipping already...gonna get a can and gave both StarGazer and RX-78 Custom coating as well =D

and for some more ORZ that happen during painting...

a friend of mine, which had started university life already (mine still not yet hahhaa) sent me this photo ....

and i RAAAWRed..

dang...its...a...BAKUC!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAWWWRRR!!!!

and some times later....i got another MMS from him...

damn one nicely done Wing Zero Custom T_T

dang BAKUC....the event i ever dream on being at (and entering also :D)

and that wraps up this preview XD



  1. Ohh... nice paint job.
    And THAT is an awesomely freakish Wing Zero...

  2. @Bd thanks ^^ yeah, i screamed when i opened the picture ^^;;;

  3. Woah! That WZC sure looks darn awesome! O_O

    Hm, your Stargazer sure is looking mighty fine there. Kinda like it got some of Noir's colors added. XD

  4. malaysia bakuc?
    you should go and see ZD, and do the event coverage here on your blog, ufufufufu :D

    the new stargazer ring looks nicer

  5. @CD yess as awesome it looks that WZC~ haha i noticed the Noir color after putting them all on XD

    @Heat coverage on BAKUC...sadly not for this year ^^;;; 450 km from my place ^^;;;

    yeah kinda like the new ring XD

  6. Ahoy!......... that....WZC............really Greato!

  7. rub eyes... uguu sleepy... lol

    That SD Stargaze look nice!... i like the noir ring tho.. but the yellow one works too haha




  8. Nice paint job!
    And...... Way awesome Wing Zero Custom.... I thought it was the Epron!(Dunno how to spell....)

  9. @Tsuki haha yeah i cant help from laughing at the yellow ring XP and yeah, that WZC 'killed' me too XD

    @Marzz thanks ^^ lol epron haha its epyon XD

    @Chubby Noir GAzer XD