Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 4

only left some more days....



getting this guy by piece and piece :D

and apparently i had got the waist section completed. Sanding and puttying awaits

surprisingly, getting the PC for the side skirts are easier than i thought. at first i thought that i need to use sandwiched PC for it but when i sawed off some plastic off the side of the waist, i remembered that the waist is actually HOLLOW.
so just made some rooms, puts a PC and sealed the PC~ and done~

well, the underside of those armors still plain though, dunno if i'm going to make some details there

SD Sangokuden Kits.heavy-loaded details at SD size..

why did i said so?

because dealing seam lines on this kit is PITA. there are actually minimal seam lines, but they were at those parts with details -__-..had to scrap off those carefully

and how the hell am i going to remove this seam lines? before this i thought seams on G30 are challenging enough, this one blew me off..

and i actually thinking on scratch building the torso, but seems kinda hard for me now to do i stick to the original plan, beef up the torso.

but this time i'm trying to redesign the armors for the torso

there the neck joint goes...and the plate also....
shall trim and sand the plate after this

and while waiting that, why don't we go through the contents of this box then?

MG Exia Trans-AM (should give you the idea on why i wrote "Trans-AM" at the beginning of this post XD)

something that Bandai tends to do when it came to specially made Gunpla.reducing the thickness of the box and make it wider. For TA kits, of course to give more protection to the gloss coat and the chrome

something that i just realized when i went reading the manual. the interesting construction for the GN Condenser. they actually gave 2 types of clear piece for certain condenser, in which give more reflective properties to the condensers =D

pink chrome lol.. still experimenting on how to cover up the nubs on it. maybe silver marker and red permanent marker can do the trick

LEDs~! (can't get some LR41 so no Tau Particles yet)

the PC runners is quite big and the PCs themselves are big

among the stuffs that make me like MG Exia. These Holographic strips~!

look at those frickin' small dry transfer decals. they had freaked me out

well, there aren't actually too much runners, just that each runners got really really small parts ^^;; should be enjoyable =D but hey, this is my first MG from the newer style MG (a.k.a no cardboard poster,finger can be separated)

speaking of which, MGs i got so far are MG Master Gundam (2008) and MG WZC (2009)
a MG for a no more MG for this year XD

and apparently i just realized that the lens for the GN-Drive is made to be foggy, so that the light will be spread out more. Nnice =D

okay, back to Sonsaku XP

putting the strips on the leg, building the frame armors :D and they're getting good~

and an overall look to end up this post XD



  1. need a slow work for this MG for better results

  2. Curse them Seamlines and decorative armor pieces, Btw how did you do the 00 style pelvis?

  3. For the GN Blade, I think silver over translucent pink would do the trick, hand paint of course.

  4. @Mangyver haha MG= 1 week XD no mods, just snapbuild with panel is wasteful to mod an gloss injection kit

    @Gunstray i made those OO style pelvis joint from pla plates, PCs and runners. i sandwiched a PC between 2 pla plates and glue a plate for the base and continuing with gluing a runner for the peg. for the leg, i glue a plate, drilled a hole and fits a PC to accommodate with the peg ^^ see the WIP 3, i think i got better close up there

    @Evaritus hmmm maybe that should work ^^

  5. Haha, let's see you get started on the TA Exia!

  6. @Marzz lol hahaha dont think im gonna build it soon XD

  7. Wah modelling skill lvl up man nice!! I'll do it your way for my side skirt next time!

  8. Wow, I'm looking forward to your 3 head size Sonken. Will it be taller than the Zaku III?

  9. Lots of plaplate! Nice but it look kinda squarish. Keep it up!

  10. @B-Mecha hey thanks for dropping by :D
    dunno since i dont have toutaku zaku ^^;; but i think it will be taller since this one is even taller than HG OO LOL

    @FreedomWen massive plating goooooooo hahahahha currently making it squarish but will sand the edges after this ^^

  11. Hi my first time here.
    So this one is like modified BB sangokuden into HG sangokuden.

    for the first time i saw someone buy MG Exia trans-am you must be huge fans of him.

  12. @insidemytoybox hehe enjoy your stay here XD

    yeah, can say it like that : HG-fied Sangokuden

    well...MG Exia..i do like MG Exia and got 80% off for MG Exia TA so XD