Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not As Planned...

yes not as planned..
i forgot it was a supermarket that 'refresh' their stuff on the shelf everyday..

so they saw MG Exia didn't sell (maybe) so they might put it in store I'm not lucky... orz

so i didn't get anything from the sale as i was too depressed..

well, i still will go there to check as they MIGHT put it back..

so Andrew, what do you think then?

anyway, i went to Gusto and got my stuff

oh yes , pla-pla...err....board?

as matter of fact, i gave the memo to them with 'Tamiya Pla Plate 0.5 mm' written on it

and they got these for me. well..kinda large and i got them for RM10..RM5 each.

oh yes, got a protective sheet to protect the glossy side.

so i test it.Cutting it is kinda like normal and yes, cement can melt it
so better say these are Styrene board then ^^

so i approved this as Pla-plates XD

and also i got this. Tamiya Surface Primer Fine White.

and so..

i got my StarGazer Primed =D

oh yes, i found priming was something very very very dries fast, and show the surface clearly, showing my flaws nice and clear XP
but only will corrected some of it..too lazy and most of the flaws are not too obvious

but the smell are killing...forgot my mask when i was priming it >_>

and these are 2 pieces which i didn't prime yet since i had to extend after sand it will prime it ^^

oh yes its 180 ml and priming StarGazer used up half of it..but really worth the price ^^

oh yeah, i make my lightbox as my spray booth XD

so here is the primed StarGazer

some shots from different angles ^^ looks very nice~ and white XD

so now he's at the shelf waiting to be painted.

for the color scheme, i will use the original scheme but different color pattern like more colors at a need to get airbrush for that or else get some Tamiya sprays...

well, only need gray, white and yellow since i got red and flat black with me now (cheap brand though)

so then, thats all ^^



  1. ^^;;... too bad.. hope they will put it again... everyday refresh.. wow they must have lots hardworking workers :P... i think they should have it at least few days to see the stuffs sells or not.. ^^

    ITS A PLA-BOARD indeed lol.... that huge!! nice one!

    The SD Stargazer is nice.. not really a fan of SD but.. Its really nice! lol

  2. Well, maybe those hardworking workers forgot to put the Transam Exia back to the shelf, yeah, bad selling items usually get pushed back & forth..

    Anyway, I WOW'd how big the pla-plate-o-board & how cheap it was ! Onore Kastam...this thing also want tahan + tax over RM10 kah...

    I find that Mr.Surfacer has a sweet smell, like candy or something...^^" Not like I'm addicted to keep smelling it haha !

  3. Ah, that's too bad (I already knew that from your FB though). XP

    Hopefully they will put them back up again. If they do, ahem, would you like to help someone out? XD

    Anyways, ZD levels up!
    Dang, the pla-plates are quite reasonable there. Oho, you're using primer now. How much did that one cost ya?

  4. Wasted chance man,so now you are using primer now huh? Maybe I should give it a try soon....

  5. @Tsukinari yeah haha i missed that golden chance ^^;; too bad and thanks also haha

    @Evaritus seems so.since always happen like that
    oh my, Kastam also tahan pla-plates? lolwhut?surfacer smell's killing me~!! XD

    @rndm i dont think i can help'll tell on my next post..
    oh yes, its RM36 and im happy with it ^^

    @marzz give a try ^^ they are really useful ^^

  6. Big pla-board is big. =)

    Aha ahahaha... Don't get addicted to the surfacer's smell...

    I see... a white gundam... uh... no, make that two... of them.

  7. @BD hahaha yeah i wont get addicted to that smell since it is enough to 'kill' me XD

    lol 2 white gundams =D make the other one with a splash of red ^^

  8. how thick is that plastic sheet?
    yes primer is nice ZD, I love my grey primer, the color, the smell, the texture, hohohohoh

  9. @Heat i think its 1.2 mm and yeah, thats a primer to us XD