Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 0.5

hmm, i think i can go back to my usual posting frequencies, thanks to the Library's computer services~

but still, i will be in "hiatus" for the Croom i think >_>

so what i got in this post regarding Jegan?

i got him with his backpack!

well, that's not the exact point actually
this post is to tell everyone how much i appreciate my Nadleeh mod

(hey, noticed anything different aside from extra panel lines?)

first, some articulation mod i did for the knee.
the armor design allow me to wedge off a chunk of plastic at the rear knee side, and thus allow me to experience huge increase in terms of knee bending

well, not really huge actually. but it made some differences, and i cant resist myself from not liking articulation mods~

and if you didn't spotted anything from the first photo...

that's why i said i like my Nadleeh mod~ and guess what? i used the same tools as i used when modding Nadleeh. the art knife! (not design knife, they're different)

and i actually thought it will take me some time to cut the knee armor off the front leg piece, but actually it only took me less than 10 minutes!

hmm, starting to have homework now, so i actually got limited time for modeling..but hey, now that i'm going for it pace by pace, i think it's great!


  1. Now's some nice yet simple mod...
    Hmm... *glares at his Jegan units*

    TK402 & TK221: OSHI~! *flies off*

    Nah, I like the way they are. But, you may never know...

  2. @Bd thanks :) hehe who would ever know? people always change XD

    @Aya kekeke not fit enough for a WIP 1 XD anyway thanks bro

  3. I love one of those knee armor separation mods, unfortuantely I think its only limited to doublt jointed figs.

  4. @ZD: I just noticed, that mod only be applicable if you're not intending to the leg armour like the RGM-89S Stark Jegan.

    TK221: *phew*

  5. @GunStray hmm yeah i think so.since range of mobility for single jointed wont be large

    @Bd yesss the extra armor on Stark is quite 'disturbing' (for me myself, of course XD)

  6. nice simple mods, well I'm still afraid to do this though.
    I'm still into panel line and plaplating

  7. orz... quick post..

    a hit n run method for posting eh?

  8. @divinelight hehe, panel line and pla plating~ <--these two are fun!

    @Mafty not really lol. got some ample time for posting XD

  9. cutting is fun ZD, haha I love that. Once you cut it means you have to solve the problem no matter what, and you level up :D

    btw I am curious, what's inside the chubbsafe? is it really chubbs inside? XD

  10. @Heathorn hehe yeahh cutting is fun~~
    inside chubbsafes? hell if i know XD