Monday, July 26, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 1-3

now, before this i made the WIP as i got 1-3 in a post?

that's because I'm only left with correcting mis-scribed panel lines and then..


behold, i got something to reveal in this post!

first and foremost, i am happy to declare that ZD-Base Type C is fully operational!!

hehe, tried purchasing some stuff from . and what i got from there are a pin vise, 1.5 and 0.8 mm drill bits, Mr Cement, and Pla Plate set! (the one with 1.2,0.5,0.3mm) the P-cutter is something i pick up from an art shop

oh yes, instead of using the postage service, i went for self-collecting to stuff, so i met Tkting (mgs2u admin)! yep, i like meeting others, especially modelers

and maybe it is not too late to tell that one of my housemates also build Gunpla!

in case you're wondering why "Type C"..that C stands for Cendana. the name of our Hostel.
and we like it!

its just a matter of time, before i can synch ZD-Base type C and Type 0 (the one at my home)
and I'll say that I'm happy to take any commission works!
to be true, i realized that i took only short time to finish mod this kit. hopefully can finish off my other work logs fast as well, namely Sonsaku and KnightinGale (oh boy, anyone had forgotten about him?)

anyway, to Jegan!

the shield, i presume. extra lines, pla plating and got some holes drilled here and there
oh yes, i got some Koto's Vents to fill up the thrusters (?) at the shoulders

and do expect to see lots of holes on this kit XD

more plating, lining, drilling bla bla bla bla

tried on some different shapes for the legs instead of rectangular strips..and i must say that thinner plates are easier to work on! awwww yeaaahh!

lots of drilling here XD and MSG for the backpack (actually i put some more strips here)

and MSG for the inner side of the knee so that it wont look empty.


decided already. (noticed the "Make Base"? try to think what i'm up to)

whopps, to late to think on it now because I'm Revealing it NOW

bear your mind, people!!


and having some free time after class, i got this!

the base plan for the base.urrr....the base what? rather a simple base with a tilted platform, and those "tikar"-like patterns are my draft for the core piece of the platform. maybe gonna use some plastic rods, just like how DonC used to use those to make base

so, how it is, guys?

oh yes

spotted on a storage vault.



  1. I expect that that Jegan soon will be a buff-up unit. =D

    Hoho. Nice to have someone else doing gunpla also, the more the merrier.

    Oho~! Good luck for this years' entry.

    Hmm... the last pic...
    *stares at Chubbybots* jiiiiii...

  2. *Stares at Jegan...*

    Say... aren't you that other dude with BD??

  3. TK402: He's not the unit we're looking for. Move along, move along.

  4. Good luck in BAKUC :D

    Chubb safes = chubbybots inside :P

  5. m......cannot wait for the another progress...

  6. @Bd not too buff up,i think? hehe
    too bad i only got hobi@#$ at my side to explain gunpla to my other housemates ^^;; hopefully i can enetr this year Bakuc

    @Syful look closely~~
    Jegan : Lolwut?

    @Aya thanks

    @Mangyver next progress? coloring process and base-making. cant reveal final product until i display this in bakuc (hopefully)

  7. I never knew about the Bakuc competition, is it limited to a few countries or kinda global?

    Anyway I'm anticipating the mods you'll be giving this guy soon, and the base looks simplisticly nice

  8. GunStray basically, Bakuc will be held for several countries to select the representative from each country for the final, and what made a country to be able to hold Bakuc is unclear to me. if im not mistaken Australia is the latest to have Bakuc

    from my mods, that could be say as the best (so far) i can do ^^;; lets say my mods is quite simple, compared to what will be anticipated for Malaysia's Bakuc 2010 (PG FA MKII,anyone?), but still, i just wanna try going on a competition and im going to do the best i can pull.anyway thanks ^^
    still a lot for me to learn in modeling ^^

  9. wowowow ZD! good luck for the BAKUC bro!

    you got some tools and materials for real this time, hahaha.

  10. bakuccc woaaaaa.

    i also try to go for pre-BAKUC in my country this year.

    looks forward for it

  11. @Heathorn hehe thanks! time to go all out now =D

    @Divinelight woah going for it also? Nnice!

  12. "Chubbsafes, keeping your figures and Gunpla safe since 200X."

    Wah! ZD has upgraded! Looks like we are gonna see more amazing things from now on, eh?

    As for your Jegan... *_*
    So good so far, can't wait to see it done and ready for BAKUC. Good luck!

  13. @CD kekeke hahahahah yeah, safety at max-with Chubbs XD

    and yes, i declare this is the starting point ^^

  14. wah.. Bakuc 2010 project!!!! looking good!!! XD..

    I didnt have much time recently due to big project going on orz...

    lol Chubbsafes!! I want one!!

  15. @Tsukinari ^^;; me myself got lots of worklogs already, gonna finish all of them before year something big for 2011