Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project 剣-Preface

剣 this character reads-tsurugi, which the synonym is "Ken" which means "Sword"
so, this is Project Tsurugi

nope, not what i want to do now, but this is for 2011. will be focusing 110% on mods starting from 2011

so why swords?

first and foremost, i think i just go straight away since i had told about this before
I'll be using Murasame Liger as the base concept
Murasame Liger, as you all know, is capable of transforming into another 2 forms, namely Hayate Liger and Mugen Liger, but still having the same frame

so i need 2 kits of equal frames for this purpose
my choices?

1 HG Gundam Astray Red Frame and 2 HG Gundam Astray Blue Frame
(i'd said in the past that i wont be building same kits, but that's when i'm doing straight is different)

but, that will give me 3 extra beam rifles, 3 shields, 6 beam sabers and 2 bazookas....hmm, don't worry, already got a plan on using those ^^


hey, hey! ZD's doing some sketches! lol

supposed to be the basic design for Murasame's head, but seems i didn't remember the design well..ah well, still need some refining

Murasame and Mugen will use the same forearm armor design, but maybe the claws are too large...will make them smaller on the actual stuff

a little bit change for Hayate, due to forearms' blades. and Hayate's design got more striking protrusions, so i designed the armor to look like that

seems i also forgot the design of the tip of the tails ^^;;; these will go to the head

a very very basic design for the swords...for Murasame, i can easily convert ARF's Gerbera Straight but for the rest, gonna SB them

and mounts for the swords will be tricky, especially for Murasame and Mugen. Hayate is quite easy for the swords' mounts, Mugen is a bit tricky (actually just 2 simple short scabbard on the back) while for Murasame, i'll try to preserve the gimmick of the sword on the actual Murasame Liger. in original ML, the swords is capable to swing 180' around its waist, and for Murasame Astray, i'm going to make the scabbard to be capable of swinging around, like can be positioned to the right side of the waist, the left side or at the back with only 1 actuator arm

pretty simple for the feet, just adding some pseudo-claws, and SB ankle guards. for the shoulder, Hayate and Mugen will have additional armors, but seems i didn't get the design right ^^'''


and that wraps up Project 剣
2011 StartUP!

anyway, how's my Jegan's doing?

i had completed the platform for the base. now need to find a wood block for the lower base ^^

actually wanna use hollow rods for the mid section, but i couldn't find any, so i grabbed some wood plugs for a nearby store and used them for it ^^ works pretty well

Jegan? already disassembled it to save more time when i return home. i had sand it and only puttying the scratches before painting starts!

(maybe i will paint the frame parts here, depends on the situation)



  1. Ohh... So that's what have telling us before, eh?

    Better wait to see the rest of the progression.

    I spy a pack of MSG joints there~

  2. Projek tahun depan tapi perancangan teliti dah dibuat dari sekarang. Wawasan jangka panjang yang pasti membuahkan hasil lumayan.

  3. Nice concept :)so you going home now ??

  4. Great to see you moving on to an even bigger modding project!

  5. @Bd hehe more to be stocked in ^^

    @Awanz kunci kejayan! =D

    @Aya thanks. will be home in early september for 2 weeks (its mid sem break!)

    @Chubby time to rock on~!

  6. woah.. when I see the concept, looks like it's promising..

    so this is the ZD kit number 3 eh?

  7. @mafty lol haha~
    eh what? what's number 2?? i thought No 2 was cancelled? lol

  8. Ken, the sword.
    well that's one cool idea, every model must have one my IMO

  9. Cool!! looks like things are already planned out in detail by ZD. You even had the design sketches :D

    How's life ZD?

  10. @Divine yep all three got swords~

    @Heat the actual will be differ from design XD
    how's life? fun lol