Friday, August 13, 2010

Current, Ongoing , Future Project REVISED!!

oh yes, only text inside this post.No pics to be displayed XD

so lets see...

Project 1 : Jegan
-might give it some more bulky add-on parts (thrusters,verniers etc)
-Convert rifle into mega launcher
(note : if time allows- 2 weeks break+ assignments...should have enough time )

Project 2 : Sonsaku Physalis
yep, no more MLRS. this is how brainstorming kills you
-MUST complete base plating and redesigning
-SB bigger sword
-replace joints with Koto MSG
-no LEDs..haha..hahahaha...

regarding MLRS, i tried brainstorming some plans to SB it, and then, i suddenly realized that, i, myself, now, is not at the best level to do so.think im joking? i actually felt like my heart got ripped off.the absolute despair which disturbs me for some quite i decided to not go for MLRS.
(if luck is at my side, will throw this one into the competition as well)

Project 3 : MG Exia TA
gonna finish this one in a day..

Project KnightinGale
-massive refining (hopefully) after competition (semester break that time).
-revise most of the articulation
-SB lower legs and required parts

Project 剣
-still in designing
-moar research on Ligers design ^^


- OO Qan[T] (or the final config in the movie)
=pla-plating, extra linings
=retractable parts (maybe)
=custom palm for lineart config

HGUC Sinanju
=lets see first what it got
-maybe just plating and extra linings
(these two can be done in 2 weeks, i think)


What i want/might mod

Throne Eins
-even had made some plannings, mostly on the mega launcher. the launcher will be usable as how GX use his BFG. will use the entry plug slot at the back to house beam saber like GP03 Stamen.

others? dunno, dont have in mind. haha

(oh yes, Mameshiki Flandre Scarlet rips my heart off) (but not the one that i mentioned in Sonsaku part)


  1. New kit a lots of plan eh ? how about HGUC delta plus ?

  2. That's quite a number of projects you've planned.

    Some say with a Flandre, one could fore go an army as she is more than enough to beat a contingent. =D

  3. @Aya hahaha ^^;;; seems so. but just rather looks simple than how i say it in the post. delta plus, pretty like the frame structure but not now. currently dont have any interest on modding transformable kits

    @Bd ^^:: some might not be executed at all i say XD but for future projects, mostly will be done fast, nothing much to re-render

    a mame Flandre is enough to "kill" lots of people..

  4. that's a looooooottt.

    well, my projects also many for this year. let's see if we could afford to do them.

  5. thtts many plan to finish, really.

  6. @Divinelight haha mine is actually combining this year and next year project. of course my priority is to complete all that i had started ^^

    @mangyver hopefully can finish all ^^

  7. wow, another detailed plan from ZD :D
    for me I seldom do that, hahahaha, I just let it flow.

  8. @Heat something is not right me, im doing plans XD