Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 4

decided to assemble back since i got some more things to add =D

anything different?

lets play with metals~!

i nipped off the antenna, drilled a hole and inserted a.....sewing needle to replace the antenna. even made the sub-antenna lol

used a pen nozzle for the main thruster :D

something i never did before~ and i did it~! frame grids~ but only can do it for the shield...no much space to do so for the rest of the parts ^^;;
might add more stuff ~


  1. nice mod!!

    the shield's frame grid is good too :D

    keep it up! XD


    One must be extremely careful when handling this guy... Else, they're be blood, literally...

  3. Oho... Metal parts... They "bling" up the model, must try nex time!

  4. Pen nozzle good idea never thought using pen and those nozzle much cheaper than those expensive nozzle parts :) and very nice shield.

  5. It was a cool thing when you add that frame to the shield. and I think you should refine it if able

  6. @Tsukinari thanks :)

    @Bd haha now he's getting something pointy XD

    @Marzz ooohh yes they are~ ;D

    @gunpla4ever thanks!

    @Aya yeah, cheap alternatives and even looks better than those expensive one XD

    @Mangyver thanks, uh oh, refine on how? adding more details between the grids and the back surface, you mean? will look on that

  7. oh no ZD is playing with needles, careful ZD ^^

    I like your pen nozzle, that's very wise, hahaha

    for the shield frame, should it conform to the surface? I mean it usually doesn't leave a gap in between.

  8. @Heathorn thanks ^^ for the frame, i like it that way ^^ there are the ones that conform to the surface but for this one, like it that way :D