Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's totally UNEXPECTED!

no no no no...
this is not a post on that PG Strike Freedom..that thing has almost-to-none effects to me
even my response when i saw it was..


for me, i am not ready yet for any PG, so that PG SF will only serves as a reference for in case i wanna mod a SF. in the future.not now okay


ABS Joint unit 03 GET!

no no no no no no no no!!!!
that is NOT the UNEXPECTED thing that i want to mention here actually, just something that i want to tell on along XD

now i got unit 02 and 03, and SD FA UC went jumping in head.hmm, if i can get some stuff that i need, will do so. yep. SD FA UC.

and some double ball-joints.dunno if need them or not (so far i think i need it XD)

and.................................some paints :D
wait! i buy paints? for what for??
didn't i use spray cans?

and so...

here we go......

note: this is not the UNEXPECTED thing

My Airbrush~~~~!!! woohoooo~!!!! now i've almost having my wish lists done~~

well, just a basic airbrush, the single action. yep, no compressor because i'll be using a mini compressor (use to inflate car tires) for this one. hope it will work!

and now......time for the so-called UNEXPECTED thing...

typo lol

self explanatory. the photo says all folks! wait, maybe not really that "all"

seriously, i didnt expect to find any touhou stuff here, in Malaysia, although i do saw Touhou nendos in display at a shop but that's only for DISPLAY, and getting physical touhou-related stuff is not easy, either availability or whatever, you name it.
(these don't apply to the games, they're virtual)

presenting~ one of the most precious items i have in my collections

Touhou Project Tribute Arts Extra Side

got this from an anime/manga shop at Sungai Wang Plaza. didn't really planned to go there actually but that time i spent less time at Times Square so i took a peek there (as well as inspecting the site for BAKWC Gundam Show, hehe)

this book comprising arts from various artists, in which most of the arts are available on the net, since those artists posted them at their Pixiv, DeviantArt etc but having a hard copy is a different matter.

will show the contents, when i get home for Raya and Mid-semester break.

and there will NOT be any review for Hobimax #2 since i lost the book.better that way actually ^^;;;



  1. it looks like the ABS joint unit 3 like the joint of HGUC Blue Destiny. What is usage of it?

  2. That's a number of things you got there.

    Wow. ABS ball joints, those babies are durable, resilient and BLOODY HARD to take out... X_X

    ohh... Airbrush...

    Anyway... OMAE~! Ikura desuka~! Ikura~! Ikura~!
    (How much~! How much~! How much~!)
    *points to the Touhou Artbook while standing on the chair*

    As for Hobimax, all I could is GG.

  3. @mangyver as the name says, those are joints part, created for easier joint mod (no need to SB joint) as how you see Sbhboi mod his indeed looked like Blue Destiny joint since it allows 180' mobility :)

    @Bd hehe, for a book, i can say quite a normal price, RM45. why would i care about hobimax when i got this~~~
    (i do feel sorry to that RM8 tho)

    standing on chair lol

  4. Lots of stuff you looted.... And even got an airbrush? Nice!

  5. @Marzz yep!now time for airbrush! :D

    @Bd ADD- its RM45 and worth the RM45.oh yes, also got 2 CDs inside it, kinda like navigations(?) and some BGMs

  6. Oho joints!!... I wonder if there got joint that similiar with 00's hip joint hm...

    hehe.. ZD lvled up!!! no more spray can! now using Airbrush! new weapon!!

    the book is nice.. not really into touho tho.. but unless its a Fate/Stay Night book... I'll drolls until the lcd all wet lol

  7. @Tsukinari maybe there are such joint, but i rather SB those joint similar to OO's hip joint (gonna do so for SD UC)

    now got the airbrush, its a matter to get the compressor before Jegan got splashed~

    drool until lcd went wet lol XD

  8. Episode 30?! What is... Uh... wrong game...

    What, RM45? With CDs?
    Can you buy one for me?!!!!

    I'll pay the courier, even.

    Wait... It's the full mo... Ah...
    *notices the two horns on the head*

    ps. I have one decommission Jegan unit (TK401's old MS), you want it?

  9. @Bd really sorry but the one i got is the one and only one at the store.dunno if they still have it in stock.wished there are more. >_>

    oh,jegan, now got some loads of worklogs and got my own jegan to be finished so maybe not now ^^

  10. well, PG SF doesn't work for me either.
    it's just that... I can't buy PG...

  11. Nyahahaha ~ SAA, MISETE ! Finally got Unit 2 & 3, which will greatly improves move-ability.

    For the ball joints, hmmm...can use to mod the waist 1 bah, just like the Genbuso Ryofu's waist.

    Wait, since bro using airbrush... How about thinner/leveling thinner ?

  12. @Divinelight same with me hahahaha

    @Evaritus yeah, either mod waist and even for other joints~!

    haha, thinner is still missing XD gonna buy it when i got home/this weekend.

  13. Not only you got modding upgrades, paint hardware upgrades and a nice touhou artbook to top it all off!! I look forward to major stuffs on your blog soon!

  14. Lol nice grab on the touhou project art book! and woah way to level up with airbrush acquisition!:D

  15. @Chubby hehe thanks! real fun begins NOW! urr... i mean next 2 week XD

    @Rocklee thanks bro ;D

  16. MSG,Airbrush and artbook Nice :)if you lost it get Hobimax #3 then :D

  17. Oooh, more modding equipment. You got it from, right? Maybe I should indulge myself a bit for my next plan... maybe.

    Uwah, that artbook is pretty reasonable as it even includes CDs. How fortunate of you to have come across it. And it was the last one some more.

  18. @Aya hobimax 3 lol dont think im getting it

    @CD yep so far, since comparing it with hobbiescorner they got a better variety there. the artbook worth it.wait for the full page runthrough XD

  19. that's some amazing loot ZD!
    you are very fond of option parts, hahaha.

    Now time for you to try the airbrush bro!

  20. It's been a long time since I visit your blog, and now you got an airbrush already ^^ congratulations :D Your build will become more awesome than before!

  21. @h4msterworld thanks bro :D now its a matter of time before i pull the trigger.. XD