Friday, December 3, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 9

the coldness aren't allowing spray paintings...

painting in progress....i mean, Hand painting :) will paint the palm, dont worry.

tried recasting SF's left palm using epoxy putty, didnt really turned out well. the mold aren't working well....

that's all!


  1. I just noticed.... The shoulder armor is based on GP01! Nice!

  2. woah. i din know you can do casting using proxy putty.. tt's smthing new. its looking real nice now.. haha.

  3. wow, gray color made it looks wild

  4. That, is quite a colour scheme you used...
    Spiky. XD

  5. @Marzz yeah, i just noticed that too. sorta homage to his dad? O.o

    @Ren n Tako yes, recasting can be done using epoxy putty, but not all stuff can be recasted though...

    @mangyver That's silver

    @Bd spiky spiky yeap yeap!