Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 3

one picture, tells many words.....

1- i installed LED to Impulse
2- The LED is blue, and the clear piece is green-ish yellow, so i got green eyes. (Parsee Beam! JIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
3- installing the LED was a breeze, as the head IS big and there are plenty of spaces to put the LED, and i put the LED whole, with no sanding or filing the LED small.
4- i drilled 4 holes to make out paths for the LED's legs
5- i like the monitor's light
6- Camera's back

stay tune at ZD-Base as galleries for SD Strike Noir, HGUC Jegan and SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis will be up soon. This is Zoidiect Archaea and thanks for viewing....

lol jk



  1. Cool LED installment! Where do you put the on/off switch?

  2. Interesting! Now the Impulse can light up like in the show. You installed it by yourself? Or it comes with the LED?

  3. nice. PG Force Impulse! lolx. im always interested to know how to install a LED light, but nv had a chance to.. hmmm. looking forward to your finish build! =D

  4. @h4msterworld so far only installed the LED, still dont do the circuit yet. so that's a direct contact with a battery pack

    @Marzz self installed. Bandai aren't generous enough to give LED for 1/60 RD kits, yet they are too generous with 1/60 RD SF XD

    @Ren n Tako haha, my build isnt even an inch near to a PG lolz

  5. Considering how much the RD 1/60 SF is... of course they are generous. XP

    Impulse EYE LASER BEAM!

  6. @CD yeah haha over generous with overflowing LED XD