Thursday, December 9, 2010

SD Strike Noir

first, out of 3 completed kits ^^

here you have it...


regarding this build, the snapfit post pretty much describe my reasons for the mods done,
painting, spray painting, hand painting, raw plastic (lazy hahahaha)
as for decals, i put on some decals from my Gundam Decal Frame Astrays. comparing my decal works on this SD with SD Stargazer, i like this one more. some decals manage to blend with the surface, which means good decal application ^^ yet some decals suffer silvering though...

basic photos


Strike E. heh

Action poses

aside from the retarded look, this is a very nice SD IMO. pretty much like the build, despite some seams are annoying ^^;; for those who find the retarded look cute, i highly suggest this SD :D

-Snap Fit

quick and fast mod XD

Thanks for viewing ^^



  1. Nice painted, the decal is vry nicely put

  2. Those action shot shows that the SD can pull off the same thing the HG would do.

  3. @Gunpla thanks ^^

    @Bd almost to HG, but still, SD limitation ^^;;

  4. he does have a weird cutenes to him in the action poses lol fight on!

    i have to say its the proportion mod you did that makes him cool, without it he just be retarded haha

  5. Matt coat, I RIKE ! & nice placement on the decals too.

  6. Nice! Gotta love the matt coat and the decals.
    *thumbs up*

  7. nice mods feel very good with this proportion