Thursday, September 16, 2010

SD Strike Noir-Snap Fit!

now im pretty sure that i do love SDs

and so..

This Is Awesome

This Is Retarded..

he is retarded...the strike noir. XD the torso is ridiculously small.the leg is stumpy (compared to StarGazer, of course)

but still, i found the playability is pretty fun!

Zabanya? who's that?

Cherudim? never heard of it!

Exia is not amused XD lots of armaments that are fun for playing

still...this proportion is an eyesore to me

remember the baddass promo picture of Gundam Seed CE 73 Stargazer?

and the Noir Striker is the main highlight for much playability!

you can have the wings like this..

...or like this.or whatever way you want it to be

so that marks it, the extensions required on this one.seams are pretty tricky,especially for the Noir Striker, where parts are overlapping each other.let see how im dealing that.

that's all!


  1. SD Noir does look... "odd". It makes my SD Astray looks taller.

    Looks like someone is guilty of copying that idea of multiple configuration wings. XD
    *Sven stares at 1.5 Gundam*

  2. wow new model kit :D yeah the proportion looks a bit weird but I like the weaponry.

  3. wah another project XD...


    cant wait what mod will u do nyeheheh

  4. "This is awesome...
    This is retarded.." Lol

    at least he is fun to play with all those weapons. your going on modding spree :D

  5. Ah so you are joining me in the growing pile of wips :P hahha!!

    I build this SD for my cousin before. Despite the proportions the playability won me over...

  6. proportion is really need a fix.
    he must be quite happy in the hand of gunpla fixer like you ^^

  7. So you are getting more addicted to SDs!
    Not me... Not a fan of SDs....

  8. We should create a SD groupies hahaha !

  9. @Bd looks stupidly stumpy.
    hehe now people are opt on multi-tasking XD

    @Aya yeah haha weird proportion but weaponry a win XD

    @Tsukinari hopefully i can post the mods before i go back to college

    @Rocklee mod mod mod mooooooooooood XD

    @chubbybots hehe at least yours is bigger than me XD

    @divinelight strike noir is happy now ^^

    @Marzz cant resist...too cute...(and retarded looking for mods)

    @Evaritus go go go create one! XD