Thursday, September 23, 2010

MG OO Qan[T]! Yay!

*cross out HG OOQ from list*

Oh yeah! something great for November!
(so this is the post numbered what on MG OOQ?)

and so Bandai announced MG OOQ to be the next MG from OO series, rolling out for november! Perfect for my semester break!
and i just cant hate OOQ, the design is simple and something (for me, yes), despite his less-offense role ^^
Great proportions! abundant details! hopefully there will be less seams (or maybe no seams at all) since for some times lately, i've been thinking on how to deal with HG OOQ's seams (although i didnt buy it yet and will never buy it i think) especially the seams on the head, it is just annoying XD

they might be putting the arms a little bit awkward but that's nothing. something is not right with the size of the right left arm where the left palm seems to look a bit oversized but the details is a \YAY!/. i just love all the panel lines and whatnot. i suspect the frame will be incomplete just like MG Exia but what the heck do i care for the frame? i wont be posing him naked

Extra Handles for Sword bits! and more importantly.... ALMOST-TO-ACCURATE-PALM for grabbing GN Sword V! Oh boy how nice~!!!! hopefully there will be less weight issue for the Buster sword and Buster rifle ^^

people may be thinking over the Full Saber attachment and so i DON'T. i never fancied over MSV stuff, due to some reasons. it is not that i hate the design, i like OO7S/G design, and some MSV designs but sometimes i just feel like the original design is better.sometimes MSVs designs are way more overkill XD well, it is just me ^^;;; however, to think that people says that final configuration for OOQ is something like OOQ with freedom-ish wings (or i just name it OOQ type ELS) appearing just doing nothing so i think it will be less possible for it to come out as Plamo.

and that wraps up my responses on MG OO Qan[T]. it will be here at ZD-Base in december (it somehow might be late november release i think XD)

(images taken from NgeeKhiong)


  1. Very well said.. This MG is sure epic win... tho that I want MG 00 Raiser first.. But 00 Quanta is fine too :D..

    I think I know why Bandai doing MG 00 Quanta, other than using MG modified Exia Frame.. they making new mold of 00 Quanta.. and after this they can make a slight change for 00 Quanta Frame and can use 00 Quanta mold for 00 Raiser, the arm, feet, the leg, etc.. if u think about it.. it does save production cost for bandai.. I'm pretty sure that 00 Raiser will come soon or later maybe early next year :D

  2. yep, a sure buy for me too.
    it will be at my hand in Celestial Gundam around January I think, or December if the shipping is fast enough.

  3. Let's see....I wait the review first hahahah :)

  4. definitely a buy.

    by the way, still a problem for me to comment blogspot blogs from my office, don't know why...

  5. @Tsukinari epic win is win :D considering the frame, it is easier to go like the flow you'd mentioned, exia > OOQ > OOR since OOQ's GND is in the chest, more similar to exia
    since im already satisfied with my HG OOR, so MG OOR, skip. dont think it can support the wings ^^;;

    @Divinelight if it is late november release, i think in mid december can have it here ^^ perfect for my birthday ^^ maybe your office limited access to sites with https?

    @Aya haha just like you ^^ now it is something im really like, and im ignoring the flaws~ most probably no weak ankle i think

  6. @Divinelight I got the same problem 2 months ago that's why I activated my blogger account and the problem solved.

    @Zoidiect waiting for review not because I avoiding Flaws,I can't get the Kit directly after the released date (and whole people in the internet will review them as soon as possible)hahahaha I just want to see the articulation and details :) before placing order or buy it directly.

  7. @Aya we where just in the same shoes ^^ the fastest i can get the kit maybe around 2 weeks after the release date so why not pleasuring ourselves with some reviews first :D

  8. Oh, did you read the spoilers? Or did you happen to luckily watch the movie? >.>

    Anyways, you have a similar reaction to me. I was literally shocked to find out that the November MG happened to be the 00 Qan[T] and not the 00 Raiser. Of course, the rumoured price of 4500 Yen before the scans was out give a hint of that actually. I'm so totally getting this but I hope Bandai fixes the ankle problem. They did well with the MG Astray so we can be hopeful. Since the feet is different from the Exia, it is quite possible in fact. ^^

    ...looks like I need another CB action base soon. XP

  9. @rndm haha so far i only read spoilers ^^ still waiting for subbed ver

    haha, when the november OO MG, i was tossing coins to guess whether OOR or OOQ (literally) and of course, im hoping for OOQ. and now they got it, im just happy ^^ before the announcement, people raised up the topic on the rumored price, in which put my hope into a sturdier base XD

    there will be no weak ankles i think, from the prototype, seems there wont be ankle joint similar to exia ^^