Monday, September 13, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 7

now almost going to reach the end~

and now..
Arms ARMORED! And Asymmetrical! (seriously, maybe i should had used 0.3 plates for the bendy armors not 0.5)

done with the claws.basic ones~ XD gonna make them pretty simple.dont want to burden up myself more ^^;;;
yep, burdening up our own self with mod plans that i even could not accomplish XD

SBed simple basic knees.and maybe some more overlapping armors.

my design for the chest~! now he really didn't look like a Physalis XD

as for now... A good Stance! no matter how bad a kit is, as long it can pull out a great stance, it is then good XD my way XD

and the offensive height comparisons with normal Sangokuden SD and HG i do want to mod Toutaku to match up with Physalis :D

that's all!



  1. Looks Great :D,
    by the way where did you get that Hand from MG kit ??

  2. awesomes! haha i agree, a good stance is a must for every build :P

    .5 plates are hard to bend but have a more "armored" feel since .3 can look too thin sometimes. the now big guy is looking good, keep it up ^^

  3. @Aya thanks ^^ the hands are from MG giving my WZC the extra ver ka palms

    @Rocklee haha thanks ^^ maybe .3 looks pretty thin but some layer will do the job XD

    @Chubbybots HG lol XD

  4. this is damn good!!
    just a beginner in gunpla-modding, fool us ZD, hahahahha jk.

  5. A HG of SD! XD Doing great!

  6. @Heat LOL~! hahahahah im still a beginner not a pro like you XDDD jk jk

    @FreedomWen thanks :D

  7. puasa tak boleh bohong ZD, hahahah