Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Compiling most of the WIPs in hand together!!

hehe, got this one done!

WIP 1- MG Gundam Exia TA- Completed!

quite some time i took for completing this, despite i want to finish it fast.nubs are evil for TA kits, and with too many movable parts, it is quite annoying.anyhow, this kit is great!

GN-Drive Burst Mode!! and i found out a way so that it can actually emits Burst mode particles pattern! will show that later ^^

WIP 2- Jegan-in progress~

priming done, now takinng my time to set up my airbrush (didnt even buy thinner yet ^^;;)

anyone care to guess what I'm up to with the color scheme? it will be something monochrome...with a splash!

and yes, FYI, this one will not be going for BAKWC (they changed the name) and so do I.sadly, during BAKWC, i have some more important matters to be done in which requires me to stick at home. so i wont be entering BAKWC 2010. (which means i dont need to rush for completing Jegan XD)

LIGHT'S UP! seems i need some optic cables, this one looks as if the camera only light up.i want the visor to lit up as well.
note : the light leaked from the hollow neck joint.will cover that up

and apparently the sensor lit up, too.thanks to minidrills!

so now this is the LED configurations.the LED is in the slot and the legs are directed to the slots for the backpack

and into the backpack...urrr....still thinking on how to make the battery box.this one didnt really do a good job.

and more importantly, mini drills help me to drill such tiny hole through the neck joint, in which is very very dangerous (misalign the drill and you get screwed.badly) good thing i did it pretty nice :D

WIP 3-Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS!

wait, did i said i didnt want to go for MLRS?

first of all...BEND YOU PLA PLATES!

changed the arios-style skirt joints with Koto's MSG joints since the earlier is screwed pretty bad

same goes with the elbows

and here you go~ this one drives me insane to attach them all..and looks pretty messy

still, got another arm to go for ^^;; at least looks better now :D

closed the gap on torso with plates.and the torso's base design is DONE! now for the patterns..

koto MSGs for the tonfas..

and yes, for the MLRS, before this i thought of a complex one, in which i canceled it.now im up for a simpler one ^^

if i cant do Date masamune....i still can do Wolverine XD the curvy armors give some rooms for the claws

Sonsaku is a tiger...riiiiight

changed the blade of the sword with a bigger one.need to detail that up

and the backpack...should look like this.made simple arms for MLRS using runners and PC, and now to make simple scabbards for the claws ^^

and that's all! ^^


EDITED : forgot to tell, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone! forgive me okay XD


  1. .......... *speechless*
    That's a hell lot of mods!

  2. So THAT'S what you've meant regarding the Jegan unit...

  3. @Marzz aha..ahahhaha ^^;; those mods went all without me realizing them :D

    @Bd ohhh yess it is :D

  4. so you already at home ?
    Jegan looks promising :)
    wolverine ?that weapon looks like the one that beginning gundam use :D

  5. @Aya yep see the background~ now im home~.lol beginning, hahhaa at least not held by fingers XD

  6. great LED mod there, i do enjoy light up function lol

    badass mods going on for sonsaku! he is a blade master :D seeing your wip reminds me i need to test out more ways to bend plaplates, some of the poorly made parts i did for my Kiva rx78 broke XD

  7. @Rocklee haha thanks ^^ sonsaku now got seven swords~ and exia is not amused XD

    i tried MatX pla plate bending..seems to barely worked out ^^

    @Tsukinari *picks up Tsuki's remnants* *packs them in a box*
    *Orin comes and took box away*


  8. Woah...lots of mods going there man!! Gwad I just love your led mods!

    Those are some really big changes for the sonsaku! Can see you are really experimenting a lot for this kit!

  9. @Chubby thanks :D ahahah now doing big change for sonsaku..and pacing to the end of modding phase! ;)

  10. good idea applying LED to JEGAN's visor :D

  11. The LED looks awesome man!
    and Happy Aidil Fitri to you too ^^

  12. i hope one day i can do the LED custom

  13. @Mangyver thanks ^^ i just feel like dont want to waste the clear visor (in my own way)

    @H4msterworld thanks bro and selamat hari raya to you too ^^

    @Gunpla looking forward to that day ^^

  14. I nearly forgot the fact that there is actually a MG Trans-Am Exia until I saw this post. That red orb makes it look so menacing!

    man.. that's some extensive mod you do on your kits. Impressive :D

  15. @Z welcome ^^ im pretty sure it is due to less people buying it, maybe because of the overpricing (im lucky enough to get it with 80% discount XD)

    anyway thanks! =D

  16. wow, considering how many mods you got 1 at a time, you're really great.

    not to say that you had fresh mods for every models too

    want to make a LED mod too, but... I think I'll try with MG Exia (normal) later. My Stamen can't wait long (1 month must finish, I even have to finish without decals -_-', don't have time to wait it shipped)

  17. @Divinelight maybe it is just me that just like to keep things piled up ^^;;;

    and good luck for your Stamen ^^ do the best for it ^^