Monday, September 20, 2010

SD Strike Noir- Proportion Fixs

*Starts up Oriental Evening Sky (Arrange ver)*

sorry, currently being addicted to that song, the strings were just perfect~and it's a song/BGM from Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST ^^ try listening it, truly suits my Orchestraic needs XD

anyway, lets start it up again


This Is...?

found an easy formula on carrying out quick proportion fix-i fixed Noir's proportion in just a night, i mean a WHOLE night
only slept 2 hours due to doing school's assignments ^^;;

and so, my findings on fixing proportions, in which comprised of 3 -point steps


longer neck is for better mobility. before this Noir only can turn his head left and right (WTF?). Kits at least must be able to do the "Menacing Down Looking-rrobbert184". This explains why Eday of Ver-Ed got his works to look down as much as possible XD
and some mishaps happens during the so-called neck extension

i tried a different technique, that is putting inner strength to the extension, by the mean of putting metal rod (read : sewing needle). what happened is that i didn't wait for the 30 minutes curing period for cement and ended up screwing up the original neck piece (cement is workable after 30 minutes, but longer curing time gives better strength-MatX)

so what i did is that i sawed off a neck piece from a NG 1/144 kits (fitting size) and cemented it to the base of the neck. there, i replaced the damaged neck piece as well as extending it. what we call as pwning 2 birds with a stone XD
(the neck piece is from my trashed GuAIZ, FYI)

and also i sharpened up the v-fins, gonna sharpen the gray one more after this (when will it be?)

also, to help on getting rid of seams on shoulders, i changed the attachments for the shoulder to be like the one on regular MGs, except for this one the flaps doesnt budge.


some more pre-painting mods, like making those c-joints and whatnot. For Noir, due to the color separations, i had to extend two parts, namely the red part and the white waist piece.i extended the red piece by 2 mm and the white piece by 3 mm. will be extending some edges on the red parts when it comes to detail-up process


in this case, i even add knee joint,but it doesnt looks like one. gotta love them MSG joints!

as you see, the bending point is obviously weird, but it didnt bother me much such the knee joint didnt do just due to fixed skirt armors (no mods here! i want to finish this up fast)
yet, using the MSG joints made things easier, like SBing the thigh part. the joints serve as perfect base for the thigh so just plate-them-up (with pla plates).

hence, my guide for fixing proportion is
-extend neck
-extend torso
-extend legs

and it applies nicely on SD, since im using the same guide for my StarGazer. and actually, this is the universal basic guide on fixing proportion.

so, this is what?

oh yes, my break is over, and i'm typing this post from Library, except for that the photos are taken earlier before i left my home. didnt bring any kits along with me since Sonsaku is almost done and Noir is being done pretty fast. so posting for now wont be quite often (due to lack of topics XD)
for next thing to work on, i cant really tell what it is, since for OOQ, obviously it gets no attachment in the movie (Thanks Spoilers!) but im waiting until November's MG is announced (just in case it's OOQ)

speaking of the movie, from the spoilers, i found it to be something different! as we all predicting that Gadelaza is the main villain and all Four Gundams make it to the end of the movie, it turns out to be something different! Gadelaza crushed pretty early, so do Raphael

Thanks Spoilers! cant wait to watch the movie, only if we got the screenings here in Malaysia as well -_-

so for the time being, i will just say that next thing you'll see here might be either HG OOQ or HGUC Sinanju, in which will hit stores in October. but for sure we, malaysians will get it around mid October if it is an early October release.

still thinking whether to mod it or not, or just make myself busy with all of those gold trims.(maybe if the nubs sucks i may paint other words, it will get modded XD)

two months before i get back home for semester break and semester break im gonna finish up most of my work logs. lets see, Sonsaku, Noir, KGale (anyone forgetting him?). RG can wait, straight builds didnt consume lots of time, unless im giving it a proper building process's highlights (like my HGUC UC DM's WIPs)

okay then, that's all!



  1. That's an ingenious way of making a stumpy kit looks better.

    As for October, my aim is, of course, be the Sinanju. There's one word for him: "bad-ass". =D

  2. Nice.... A great way to reuse damaged kits' parts I must say...

  3. Thats creativity. Very nice. Have lotsa unused parts myself! Hope i can reuse it like the way you do!

  4. bravo ZD!
    and doing all those only in one night, hayaii!!

    you must be wearing red shirt when doing the mods, I know it.

  5. @Bd me too ^^ bad-ass is bad-ass

    @Marzz yep, remember the 3 Rs? Recycle, Reuse and reduce(?) (what do we reduce in Gunplaing? reduce looting? XD)

    @Twilightreap thanks ^^ scraps comes in handy in many ways ^^

    @Syful get them~! online stores~!

    @Heathorn unfortunately its cream-color XD

  6. O_O! A day?! And it look that cool? Great mod dude! Now I want those MSG joints! XS

    Saw the spoiler contents from The Gunplayers's link. LOL! Indeed the most different Gundam movie in the history! XD

  7. @FreedomWen thanks ^^ gotta agree with OO Movie, totally different and the latest PV just revealed more and more stuff XD

  8. wow, you are good at this! :D he is no longer stumpy, great job.

    ...waiting for the movie to leak, i wanna watch! lol XD

  9. @haha thanks ^^ it will be some time before the movie leaks~ hey you're in singapore lol

  10. yea will be long wait maybe, and im from usa lol

  11. Looking good :)

    Tons of spoiler out there even at Hongfire it gave me !WTF! reaction >w< that make me affraid to watch lol and HGUC Sinanju will looks great.

    by the way not you spoil some parts of the movie here not good for readers that don't like spoilers hahahhaa

  12. @RockLee oh really?? O_O how come i think you're fromm Singapore? gomen gomen ^^;;;

    @Aya afraid watching it lol and yeah oppss, forgot about spoilers, well, once in a while ^^;;;

  13. Batman, would ben happy with you

  14. what I though rocklee is from SG too,

    nice modification btw ZD

  15. @Mikee batman?lol

    @MaftyNavue haha same with me ^^;;; anyway thanks ^^

  16. woaaa, I need this lesson for my sd freedom I think.

  17. @Divinelight i think you should? need more detailed explanation? maybe when i mod my SD UC i think ^^

  18. Wah, nice mod there! Really makes the SD Strike Noir look more bad-ass as someone mentioned before me. =)