Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 5

say, fixing proportions for 1/60 kits?

I've seen lots of people fixing proportions of PG. so why wont i do so for a 1/60 kit?

first, aside from those panel lines, a little fix to the skirt armors

the back skirts is unmovable. so..some cutting, extra joints from my Zoids BLOX (no Zoids is
harmed) and some cement....and epoxy putty as the joint is ABS. :D is generated

for a little proportion fix

what have been done here? first, 2mm extension for the white part.i extended both the base and the waist peg. and then, not showed here, 5mm extension to the twin peg that connects the red part and the white part, so that the torso looks slimmer.extending the peg however, isn't as easy at it sounds like. i used the inner core method, drilling the peg and insert a plastic rod as the core, before putting 5 layers of 1mm pla plates to build up the extension. btw, the inner core, i took a rod from Kotobukiya's MSG runner as the diameter is perfectly same as the hole i drilled, 2.5mm
(DISCLAIMER : bad thing happens. one of the extended peg snapped, due to the core being not strong enough. should had used a metal rod or ABS rod for that. rework later..)

panel lines galore!

for the shoulder armor plate, there are 4 of them, and i had done with the two facing the front. the two at the back? later....it's hard to get them accurately

weird line design for the arms XD filled the lines with acrylic black through wash method just for fun, and also to spot the mis-scribed lines.

still looks empty. gonna scribe more later.

currently, still working on 2 galleries, going slow due to malfunctioning battery charger for the camera. will make those done before i return back to school life.

that's all!


  1. Looking nice so far but somehow the scribed panel lines look like house bricks from the font (for me). o.o
    Are you gonna give the white different shades later like the RG RX78-2?

  2. curved panel lines on the chest and shoulder o.O nice job on the detail upgrade man! but i agree with CD, the lines on the bottom leg do look out of place.

  3. I have a question, do you no how to extend the articirculation?

  4. not pretty weird line design though. It still looks good

  5. @CD yeah ^^;;; house bricks XD still a long way towards finishing, might considering doing such finish

    @Rockleelotus actually wanna edgy lines, but the scriber eat up the edges, hence the curves. well, this is what i call as lacking of inspiration for panel lines XD

    @Gunpla extend articulation like what?sorry, but the question is kinda too general ^^;;;

    @Mangyver thanks ^^