Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 4

nothing pretty much in this WIP though...just dealing with some major seams on this big kit and something about SF

current look- with major seams dealt ^^

but, this time, there's a seam, not like the usual....need a bit of work to deal with it

the offended seam

the blue part of the shoulder. left- before and right- after. problem is, the blue goes on the white, in which, i can ignore the seam on white but sealing the seam on blue will give problem during painting later.

what to do?

left- before. right-after. cut the blue part into 3 separated parts. 2 sides, and 1 top.there, seams dealt :D

next, got some wires running from LED, so lighting test.

nice. perfect lighting ^^

btw, this had been accompanying me throughout the seams dealing process

Touhou Project 12.3-Hisoutensoku. no, not playing the game, but this title screen for the awesome music.

which music? another re-arrangement of Evening Sky/ Sky of Scarlet Perception, the name is
"Did You See That Shadow?"

weird name?

DID YOU SEE THAT SHADOW? now, not even weird lol that's Hisoutensoku/Daidarabotchi/Taisui Xingjun (the first one is the correct one though) but can also be considered as Alice huge Goliath Doll (easy spellcard btw)

and also, a bit look at SF

now, comes with Hyper Beam Launcher Rifle. oh lol, rifle-> launcher-> rifle XD

switched the barrel to the upper side, added another funnel and put handle. later on, i gauged out the launcher's handle, and glued it to the swiveling sensor as secondary handle ^^

and that's all for now ^^



  1. You reminded me of this post I've made:

  2. In the past, i did not see ur gun properly XD now i now that u mod it XD

  3. always like seeing a LED mod, still can't do that myself though.

    1/60 is like an NG right?

  4. giant seams.. get the power sander! liking the coverage on that LED. and thats a huge dual barrel rifle on SF, whats he trying to compensate for? lol j/k

    i listen to anime songs when i work on my gunpla, it makes me lose track of time fast haha

  5. @Bd we all do =D

    @Gunpla yeap, better picture, the better it is ^^

    @Divinelight well yeah, LED mod actually the hardest partis to put the LED itself. wiring comes next XD
    yeah, its like NG 1/100, since i got 1/100 Impulse, i can say the part separation on the 1/60 one is better

    @rockleelotus looks like i used low powered XD compensating for moar firepower? hahahha XD

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  7. what we can expect now :D 1/60 Impulse with PG detail ?

  8. @Aya not with my current skills ^^;;;