Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 8

finally, a post for Sonsaku...after the no-end procrastinations XD

anyway, some more things done before painting

Basic Putty + Thinner
wait what?

this mixture, is used to create rough cast iron texture on surface, done by applying a layer of thinned putty to the surface and the some brushstrokes to create the rough textures. learned this from Plamo Tsukurou HGUC Sazabi and MG Zaku 1 ^^ wanna try this before, then decided to do it to Sonsaku

quite some parts that i applied the thinned putty, and the textures are looking good ^^ (and yeah, fill up some scratches too)

a glance before he's disassembled for painting :)

built the mount for the claws, and left with some bulking up for the MLRS-ish looks

and painting, will be done by some spray painting and hand painting :)

that's all for now!


  1. cool trick for adding texture. hes had a rough time when it comes to wips that his armor became rough!

    nice job on the claw mounts too ^^

  2. 1 question, what putty bro use ? Tamiya Basic ? Looks fun, wanna try also. =)

  3. Hm, interesting. Might try this when I get the chance.

    Sonsaku: "C'mon, finish me already!" T_T
    Paint cans: "We're still depleted lol."
    Sonsaku: "Don't remind me!" D:

  4. Nice Sonsaku shld be happy already he already been painted

  5. Cast iron texture? Sounds interesting!

  6. @Rocklee hahaha rough time leads to rough armor XD

    @Evaritus yeap, tamiya basic putty

    @CD heh, no spray can..hand paint will do XD

    @Gunpla in the progress, to be exact XD

    @Marzz yeash, interesting ^^