Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's going on right now...

and I'm now at home, after nicely completing my first Semester of Ausmat..
as for now, don't expect me to be silent or non-posted for nothing XD

i do got something to deal with, or else my worklog wont reduces..

and now, here we have..

SD Strike Noir. Currently under painting process ^^ faced some mishaps during the process, and some of them just keep happening after repairs so i just keep on going. to save some time (and paints), i painted only some parts while the rest, i just topcoat :)

but seriously, rainy season had hit my place ...it is so hard to cope on with this weather, especially when you are painting..some frosting occurred already >_<;;; and if you noticed the unidirectional lighting, yes, i got myself a table lamp to assist my Gunpla sessions at night as my current lighting aren't really enough (not good for my eyes as well)

testing the lighting, directing from below towards some Gunplas that i had put on display. kinda lazy to put all on display ^^;;;

BTW, regarding the Sinanju GB, BD77 had successfully completed him. when will yours (and mine) ^^
as for mine, i got few stuffs to be deal with currently so I am afraid that Sinanju will only be here in December. And that's one addition got delayed...
come on guys~ Keep on building!

speaking of addition...

and this is my latest addition..

1/60 real detail Force Impulse Gundam. and FYI, this is not a loot. my sister's fiance gave it to me ^^ hehe nothing is better than free stuff XD
and that's why i got the table lamp, to assist me building this.but i wont do so now, since I'm want to at least finish up Noir and Sonsaku before starting up anything new ^^

seriously, big parts are big...

and also, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to Muslims out there ^^ lets get them cows and goats slaughtered~~ XD


  1. Nothing's better when you arrive home to a box of gunpla waiting for you at home. Best feeling ever. XD

  2. same from me like marzz.. but you got tone of WIP still not done yet right..

  3. @marzz the problem is... i had to carry that big box along my journey home ^^;;; an addition to my luggage XD

    @Seven6298 yeah too many WIPs ^^;;; now trying to finish up some before build some more

  4. Welcome back.

    That 1/60 is more like a HG only only been magnified. XD

    LET THE SLAAAAAAAAUGHTER BEGINS~! *cough-cough-hack*

  5. All of us love free stuff~ :D

  6. There's a lot of blood bath out there due to the slaughtering ^^
    a huge free stuff? man you are too lucky :D

  7. WHAT?! the 1/60 impulse u get it for free thatz great!

  8. @BD eheh, at least it is having a quite well proportions..and yeah, 1/60 XD

    @Twilightreap indeed ;)

    @h4msterworld blood bath and meat spamming XD yeah, unexpected luck ^^

    @Gunpla we all love free stuff XD