Monday, November 29, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 1

starting to build this big guy as the weather aren't giving enough justice to Sonsaku

Sonsaku : And now here we have a helluva large sets of wing!

yeah, seriously, as the first 1/60 kit i ever have, this is big~~~

comparison with my Revell 1/144 MIG-30 Foxhound. did a rework on it couple a time ago but never posted it. poor plane XD

and now, lets started with the shield.....

okay...enough for the time being....

ok im joking

the frame for the torso is quite a fun build, and yeah, most of the pegs are trimmed, as i will do rework on this like the seams etc....

i wonder how will my speed shall be during this build...

okay, that was sorta fast XD and the articulation seems making me to have a bit problem putting him on a stance--which means problems

as for the eye gimmick....


that's all for now!


  1. winter bad time for sprays...

    haha that was quick progress. i never built a 1/60, larger parts make for easier build? awesome light up gimmick!

  2. Did you install the light up? Or it came with the kit?

  3. @Rockleelotus yeah winter ^^;;; this 1/60 is more like enlarged HG or something, so pretty easy build.
    not really light up, just that the clear piece in the head allows the light to pass from the back and lit up the eye

    @Marzz nope, no LED is installed. just that the light piping of the clear piece in the head.check Dalong's review as he shows better example ^^

  4. ARGH i wat this! but i rather wait for the PG ver lol which i think is vry exp lol XD

  5. OMG! I can't believe you bought this one! I sorta wanted it before! XD
    How much did ya get it for?

    Force Impulse: "Arms... where are my arms... ARMS!!!"

    Oh yeah, it should be easy to build since it IS an enlarged HG/NG. I personally built the 1/60 Exia and it only took 2~3 hours on a straight build.

  6. @Gunpla i doubt whether they'll make a PG Impulse or not XD

    @CD seems you missed out some of the earlier post...but nevermind. i didnt buy it. my sister's fiance gave his to it is sorta free

    yeah, the builds is quite easy ^^

  7. Ah, you did? Sorry, sorry. Been too busy to read the blogroll regularly lately so I skimmed when I had the time to catch up. ^^;

    I see, lucky you!

    (Another sister's boyfriend who gave away cool stuff!)