Monday, November 29, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 2

gotta build indeed.......

COMPLETED! (apparently i can mount all of the accessories onto it at once )

lets talk about this kit itself

first thing, painted the beam with clear red, for some bad@ss elements XD

and yeah, i can say almost every joints on this are enforced with PC, making it to have stiff and sturdy joints. yet, the pose-ability aren't allowing pretty much cool poses though...but still, some of the are pretty nice looking

as for the knee, Dalong actually bend it not fully, resulting in 90' bend actually it can do more that just 90'. as for the knee construction, i cant do the same thing as i did to my 1/100 Impulse's knee to increase the bend.

the Force pack DOES providing some backheavy, good thing the joints can held it up pretty well

ankle? very very bad...


gotta love this gimmick! later I'll sure gonna install the real LED

how it works. you basically removes a part at the end of the monitor and the light will pass through it, lighting up the eyes and the front monitor. easy and nice gimmick ^^

as for the palm, quite nice as the fingers are already separated, but had to closely follow the manuals so that i wont put wrong finger at the wrong slot.

dont feel offended. just showing XD jk jk

anyway, did some rework on my SD UC

repaint the psycho frame with clear red, giving a darker red. and looking good~

broke this into halves when disassembling it. as you see, i had fix it up but still dont assemble it. originally it cant even stay opened in DM, hopefully it will stay opened with the added plates. well yeah, SD UC is best in DM, as UM is more like "Transformation In Progress"

btw, went to Gusto to get some stuff, and they actually didnt stock up HGUC Sinanju had to wait..maybe in December they will have it. kinda like it will be RM100 something, as i can really find any kit at 2600 yen to check up Gusto's HGUC Sinanju price XD and for me, that's a good deal~

that's all for now!


  1. HGUC Sinanju at approx under RM110 is cheap already.

  2. force impulse is giving the finger the that dealer for not having sinanju in stock! :P

  3. I thought you going to say Force Impulse + Namewee = NAH. LoLz.

  4. @Evaritus namewee LOLOLOLOL XD

    @Rockleelotus lol hahhaha no offense to the dealer XD

  5. Hnm, wonder if the joints can last.
    *looks at 1/60 Exia* Err, yeah. XP

    So, what's your plan for the Impulse besides the LEDs?

  6. @CD looks like the joints are pretty stiff. aside from LEDs, maybe just detailing, cant do much with things at this size