Monday, November 1, 2010

5thLuna! Nice One!!

random and random lurking ends me up at 5thLuna's site , and some random scrolling occurs

and i stumbled upon this

SD The-O. blocky.

and this is a call for her for some proportion fix. and guess what she did?

Triangle! proportion referencing by a TRIANGLE! Nice Idea!!

although she did pre-extensions using double tapes, i say that is enough to get exact measurements for the required length needed. so she extends the leg, waist, arm, and raised the shoulder.
wait, that sounds familiar

so i think that using basic shapes to get good proportions is actually great, so i did some testing

and first is PG Strike Freedom

upper triangle is 1/4 the size of the lower triangle, and resulted in nice PG proportion


same method used on mine
i mean, using the triangle for checking proportions

perfect! simply perfect!

first 3 images is from 5thLuna, very great thanks to her for such ideas ^^

well, still waiting for cement to fully cure, since i spammed too much cement. then i'll post on my new backpack design ^^



  1. I only noticed that those black parts are double-sided tapes after a few times looking at it. And it does more nicer (instead of the usual boxy design).

    Looks like your modded SF will become some what a mini variant of the PG. =D

  2. with proportions fix, both are visually more pleasing. this reminds me of art class and that a human should be 7 or 8 heads high? i already forgot lol, wonder if that measurements works for gunpla.

    haha cement spam, i do that also ^^;

  3. Ah, proportion measurement, nice !

  4. @Bd haha mini let's wait for the backpack XD

    @Rockleelotus you mean human body parts ratio? apparently i tried on applying such measurement also ^^
    is it like upper leg=lower leg > torso
    and torso > lower arm =upper arm ?

    @Evaritus indeed :)

  5. hi there,ZoiDieCT ArchAeA.
    thx for picking up my article here ^^
    (i happend to find here from visit log)