Sunday, October 31, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Proportion Fix-DONE

now, done with proportion fix XD

i wish my (phone) camera can focus his face..

oh yes, i sanded the shoulder smooth, eliminating every details except for the panel line. i know the red part for the shoulder will be a bit hard to paint XP

finally, got the courage to carry out the last thing to fix the proportion, which is extending the arms. since that part requires some delicate works, so i primarily thought on getting a mini saw and then do the job. lastly i decided to do it my own way, like what i did to my Jegan and Nadleeh, putting my trust into my design knife aaaaaaaaaaaand..

cut it off :D

since i extended the leg by 4 mm, so i thought on going the same for the arms. and it is just perfect :D
had to trim off the peg of the shield generator since the extension made the slot to become smaller XD

oh yes,i accidentally dropped off the backpack from 1.4 meters height, and successfully broke off one of the peg for the wings. so, thinking on fixing it, but then, i just broke off another one (intentionally) so i take it as a reason to further mod the backpack XD

so far got some pla beams (new stuff) and pla plates there..might alter the dragoons config again i think

and lastly..

uh, well yeah, only to check the proportion. didnt really think i refer on it too much XD

that's all for now!


  1. Wow... Now the arms looks closely like the PG arms. Nice.

    But... what kind of design do have in mind for the backpack?...

  2. I like it very much, one thing- maybe front skirts are little to long...
    'bout the shoulders - how about painting them diffrently not using original color separation?

  3. @Bd no idea for the backpack ^^;;; but surely im keeping the drags on

    @Aulon *jot down notes* long skirt armor, will shortened it later ^^ for the shoulder, i'll just slap on some plates after this, raised plates are easier to mask ^^

    @Syful i cut the arm ^^ see the ppicture of the arm, you can see 2 spots that i added with pla plates ^^

  4. proportion finally done, now you going for backpack.....high spirited, appreciate your semangat ZD!!

    One thing that I see, the biggest surface on shoulder armor is now smooth. While most of SF armors have sharp edges. You going to sand it later?

  5. @Heathorn yeep never let the spirit down ^^ ah, the shoulders, i intentionally make it smooth, and will keep it like that =D

    @Marzz for the proportion, of course! ^^

  6. wait a sec.... r u going to do like the PG style?????

  7. @Gunpla nope ^^ i only use the PG picture to check the proportions, other than that, detailing and etc will be on my own style =D

  8. nice job on the proportions! good reference lol look forward to backpack updates.

    new materials makes modding a bit easier, i wanna get some pla beams also.

  9. @Rockleelotus thanks ^^ yeah, pla beams comes in handy especially when it comes to scratchbuilding ^^