Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-How The Wings End up like THAT! lulz

another delayed post ^^;;;

anyway, since people were asking me on how i got those wings, so i thought on making a post on the wings.actually wanna post it not too long after the previous post, but got some delays ^^;;

the SF in his full glory! and still without the detailing whatsoever XD

well, i didnt made this to be on the sequence, only will be telling what i did on the parts. kinda hard to get them in actual sequence (other reason : lazy lol)

the spread out of the modded wings. notice how i got the wings separated in my configuration

2 koto's MSG go for the booster

and 4 MSG complements for the sub Dragoon units

to mount them MSGs on this thin pieces, i firstly drilled a hole through the thinness and open up a slit on the place, wide enough to hold the peg of the MSG. then, cement goes to work and sandwiched the part with pla plates, for better and secure attachments ^^

to accommodate another two sub dragoons, i mounted the joints to the holder of the main dragoons ^^

in case you're wondering which is sub-dragoons and main dragoons, this is an (failed) attempt to recreate the dragoons before i cut them off.yes, i ditched the thruster fin on the wings XD

now, lets mount them on ^^

here goes the booster's dragoons

and the holder's dragoons

and voila~! you got these~!!

simple, isn't it?

so far, im moving bits by bits on SF, currently enhancing the overall proportion. will post on it when i achieved my desired proportion ^^

that's all for now!


  1. So that's how its done... Some drilling and a few MSG parts, eh?.
    *jots down some notes*

    Useful, ze.

  2. Thats some nice use of the koto msg parts for the wings! I'll keep this in mine when I do my own one next time :P

  3. @Bd yeah, simple job, using some stuff.glad to know it's useful :D

    @Chubbybots looking forward to that ^^