Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Reviews! Oriental Evening Sky (Arrange ver)

yep, music review ^^ want to refresh my knowledge on musics/orchestra after a while ^^

this is the song (orchestra style) used for the staff credits roll for Touhou Project 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. in the game a shorter one is used where i found the shorter one is quite unsatisfying to be listened to..maybe because it is short and less "high" parts of the song compared to the longer version, the arranged one.

while Touhou is synonym with ZUN's synthesized music under MIDI format (wave format is best to listen), collaboration with Tasogare Frontier/TasoFro gives us the orchestra version for Touhou's music, inside three version of the game, Immaterial and Missing Power, SWR and Hisoutensoku/Unthinkable Natural Law

the full video ^^

(note: i put the video of the song in this post, but it didnt appear in the home page when i put the "read more".clicking read more will unveils the player ^^;;;)

length : 3.49 minutes
Time signature : 4/4 (maybe there are some parts it got 3/4 or 2/4, i can't tell)
tempo : faster than 120, cant really give accurate tempo, dont have metronome with me ^^;;

Instrument List
Note: while for Tasofro, in which a not-so-big company, so the actual amount of instruments that are used is not too much, taking that they covered up the instruments for the main melody and the body for the song and other instruments can be artificially added using synthesizer, like electronic keyboards nowadays (they can produce sounds of almost every instruments!)

from touhou wiki, the instruments used

-electric guitar

however, if you listen to the music carefully, and preferably using earbuds/earphones/ headphones, you may detect more and more instrument as earphones separate the music into the respective divisions, and using equalizer (usually MP3 player have this function, how my handphone does justice to me ^^) may gives more attention to certain divisions like bass instruments or vocals.

hence, the full instrument list

-cello (maybe the whole quartet strings are involved as well, i can't tell)
-tubular bells
-tambourine :D
-drum set
-suspended cymbals (multiple, may be the ones integrated with drum set)
-VIBRAPHONE (i don't expect this one)
-Euphonium/horn (could be alto horn or french horn)
-bass guitar
-Orchestral Gong (this is one damn huge plate)(one nice strike on this thing could give you enough fear to wake you up from sleep, i know, i experienced that)

what else?

from the instrument list, it is like listening to the song for several times (30 times) to get to that list.kinda long way isn't it? ^^
and yeah, i listened to it in multiples so that i can make out to the every each of the instruments involved, and that gave me some OMG LOLWUT reactions, mostly on some instruments that i don't expect to appear ^^

half of the instruments are some pieces of cakes to detect, however it took me some times until i discovered drum sets in the is like almost getting hidden by other instrument ^^
vibraphone is quite unexpected, and this addition gives one of the best parts of the song ^^

(vibraphone-an instrument that looks like a xylophone but have fans in the sound tubes so that the sounds made will be something vibrating and soothing ^^)

okay, done with the instruments. now for the song itself ^^


-the song starts with a pretty relaxed or just say it as a bit (sad) but the such starts, when it comes to standard Orchestra pieces, means that awesomeness follows in the first quarter and in the ending (most orchestra songs got the "sad part" in the middle of the song)
-tubular bells gives the best role here, it just gives the "heart-breaking" feels (as well as majestic feels)
-and yes, the intro doesn't even sounded like a credit roll song (well, same case as Locked Girl SWR version, doesn't even fitting for a fighting game XD)

The POST INTRO (0.23 until 1.00) (doesn't take too long to get to the main part ^^)

- when all instruments starts to participate in, this indicates awesomeness is in the making ^^
-trumpet debuts, and if you heard him, the sound is pretty faint. that's because it is playing notes from higher octaves, in which the pitches of the notes are higher, making the volume to decrease.still, it is pretty clear to hear the trumpet
-you can hear the violins to start making looo~ooping sounds (sorry, can't resist that ^^;;), and looping sound is among the "what" that made this songs is awesome IMO that's how violin rolls XD

THE AWESOMENESS 1 (1.00-1.50)
-it starts with the bass lines ^^
-bass lines, in which the sounds are more deep and heavy, is just like opening a door to something

yeah, when playing a music piece, the best way to get the feel of the melody is to imagine the scenes behind every bars, that's the fun part ^^
-violins starts the awesome, repetitive part. i consider this part as
"the violin is going higher and higher but didn't get to the climax, they'll reach the climax later"
-as you may hear, looping sounds are becoming much much abundant here.that made this songs to be special ^^

THE ANTICLIMAX (1.50-2.20)
-piano starts here, to give the a bit soothing chains of melodies, before violin reels in
-violin resolves what the piano tries to tell XD

and with a \BANG!/ from the \GONG!/
(slight bang actually, try googling for Russian Christmas Music, this piece is evil)

THE REBUILDING (2.20-2.55)
-the overall volume lowers, and after that tubular bells raise up the mood
-following the cymbal roll, violin starts the epic parts, backed up with vibraphone
IMHO, i found this part to be quite sad yet touching plus awesome as the combination of violin stand alone and vibraphone gives the feel of rain drops hitting water surfaces, a usual imagery for sad and rising hope ^^ truly i treasure this part

THE AWESOMENESS 2 (2.55-3.25)
-well, it is just the same with the awesomeness 1 but this time, the volume is raised as well as the notes. in similar term, the "spirits" are raised higher, and violin play is getting to the climax point here
-overall moods are abruptly raised here, giving the full dash for the rhythm

THE RESOLUTION (3.25- end)
-trumpet enters and resolves the music
-at 3.33, major resolution, in which i can say as giving the effect of "HELL YEAAAAHH!!" to the overall piece ^^ this is where percussion are awesome (percussion=drums, cymbals etc) we just give the GRAND feeling ^^ (yep, i used to be a percussionist ^^ my major is cymbals. so that makes me a modeler cum musician XD joking)

-at 3.41, a slight orchestra hit to embark the end of the piece. however, this orchestra hit isn't participated by the whole set, making it to more heard as a resolution rather as a grand ending.yet, it suits the overall mood ^^ (orchestra hit- where all instruments hit a bit with the loudest, sharpest possible sound-best for DYNAMIC grand entries and endings ^^ )

-from my point of view, this is just one awesome arrangement.truly epic and relaxing, yet a little bit sad in the inner core of the song itself ^^ currently being my favourite track. okay, i must admit it is a bit hard for me to make the conclusions as im not good with that so i think it is better for me to conclude the song into several parts ^^

a great piece, if i must say ^^

next piece- should i review Locked Girl SWR version or the Orchestral version? :)

random- i will not be making the Touhou's figmas, mames, and nendos post as it is just a selfish and stubborn opinion from me. since i just dont feel like making something offended (maybe) so i will not making that post

currently craving on doing some gunplas, and it's strike freedom is what i got in my mind ^^ so maybe that will appear here soon ^^
also, sinanju, most probably will bag him when semester ends. that's the fastest time i think

oh yeah, been thinking on sculpting, and the brainstorming didnt really turns out well (i was thinking on doing a chibi Iku Nagae ^^;;) but then , i realized i can do better with conversions rather than full sculpting since minor sculpting is needed for conversions since we already got the base ^^

and guess what, i found that Shin Enjutsu Zssa (from sangokuden) is perfect for me to make Chibi Ran Yakumo ^^ mostly due to the sleeve-crossing arms ^^ this will be among of my future projects ^^

ok, the that's all ^^

oh wait wait wait, Good Bye NK and thaNKs for everything you do to us ^^ wishing all the best to you ^^



  1. That's a pretty lengthy review for a music piece, and it does sums it up. =)

    Locked Girl SWR ver, Patchy's bgm, ze. =D

    btw. thanks for the clip of the full version.

  2. @Bd detailed review usually long XD will do Locked girl SWR next