Saturday, October 23, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Proportion Fix 4- Armor UP

another more realigning some parts to match up the current proportion

first, clear up a space at the shoulder.

then, cut unwanted plastic from the original shoulder piece, and fits it into PC

and it fits snugly, well more like a bit too snugly..the cemented part cracked XD

and now the shoulder is raised~!

and now for some bulking up

bulked up torso~~

hell yeah!

now i need to only extend the arms (kinda like a reason so that i can make the elbow to be double jointed XD)

that's inspiration to bluff XD



  1. Don't you think the front skirt is a bit... long?...

    Other than that, OH YES~! Nicely done.

  2. omg.. how come the pla plate you cut are so smooth.. what are the tools you using? my knife just can't cut the 0.5 mm pla plate properly.. i'm using the scriber to cut now.. zzz

  3. @Bd ahahha yeah ^^;; still dont cut off some parts XD

    @Seven6398 how i cut pla plate? basically i use design knife, and cut them, slowly but surely. but that's for thickness of 0.5 mm and lower. for the armor, i used 1 mm, in which is more thicker. so i gave it some slits, then snapped it off ^^

  4. Nice, still you focus too much on the modification until forgotten to sharpen the V-fins? LoL!

  5. you keep stepping up your game :D keep it up! the pic of the shoulder piece is too blurry, how did you make that?

    ive been attempting these stuff too but with a MG instead. had a few parts snap on me too so far, seems pretty difficult to keep small extended parts strong lol

  6. @FreedomWen lol hahaha well, dont have the mind set of sharpening v-fin for starting a mod. such mod is very easy, and sharpening them will make them to be fragile, and since i still got rows of heavy mods that require harsh handling, so i wont risk on breaking the v-fins. and im just started with the mods ^^

    @Rocklee ahhahaha sorry ^^ now using phone camera, so please bear with the quality ^^;;; well, for extending parts,im holding on "extends, cement, sand, cement,sand, cement, and left loooong until perfect cure" ^^ and yeah, small parts tends to break easier when extended, that should need gentle handling ^^

  7. Wow getting better and better man! The proportions looks fantastic! Also one suggestion that I see probably you might want to sharpen the feet to match the overall look. Just my 2 cents ^^

  8. @Chubbybots Thanks! ^^ sharpening the feet? lets see~ kinda wanna try extension by using epoxy :D

  9. Hmmmmm........ the modification looks easy but i had no confident in doing it

  10. Whoa, you actually cleared the shoulder armor out? How are you to secure the pc onto it?

  11. @Gunpla no pain no gain ^^ well depends on person, its okay if wanna do or not ^^

    @Marzz yes, i cleared the shoulder attachment part. securing the PC, the space i gauged out tightly fit the PC (i cut off the cylindrical part of that PC)
    well, actually the PC is more bigger than the space, so that some cemented portion on the torso breaks off the bond but that's not a big deal as i later seal it up with a layer of armor ^^

  12. great process ZD! The new torso proportion is very nice!

    SUBARASHII!! (quote from kamen OOO XD)