Sunday, October 17, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Proportion Fix 3- works on Torso

not that much actually

anything different? aside from the wings' configurations?

part 1-moar and moar extension

added another 4 mm height to the thigh. actually there's a joint connecting the thigh and hip (the actual purpose of the extension) but the joint ended up damn flimsy, i screwed up the alignment, the polycap in the thigh sinks and bla bla bla so i ended up gluing them together.

and i also spilled some superglue on the lower leg >_< moar clean up coming

can kneel better and more natural now :D

apparently the extension brings the leg closer to human's leg length ratio~

still can do the rider kick XD

so what do you think on the proportion? okay enough? yes, the torso will undergo bulking up later.and the shoulder joint is loose now, will refine it while doing the torso.dont mention the side skirt, will do that later.

as well as for the wings, i reduced the dragoons to six (dont need much of that) and the other 2 dragoon holder, will be used to mount the railguns and some add-on boosters. (in other words, more works XD)

also, will scratch build a single rifle, to break the symmetry. well, uh yeah, you dont expect him to carry the BFG all the times right?

and Marzz asked on the torso.

this is how, buddy!

the likened MSG joint unit 02 in the torso~

and a closer (and blurry) look on a side, with the fake pseudo pistons, and frame like vents (failed attempt XD)

and the back side, a pla plates, and a MSG minus mold, to re-enact the nuclear reactor :)

That's it for now~!



  1. The legs look definitely better and more natural. Can't wait for your next update. =D

    p.s. be sacrificing some of me DGG-01's rear leg parts aesthetics to achieve something like yours...

  2. SF looks taller now. ^^
    Hmm.... You dug out the entire waist section? The chest part?

  3. I'm always wondering where you learn this skills? Getting more articulated! ;D

  4. @Bd thanks ^^ oh what? more cut cut?

    @Marzz yeah pretty tall ^^;; he jumped into 14cm height now XD lets say i dug the chest, but actually the chest is kinda hollow already.and i cleared up some space to mount the joint

    @FreedomWen haha, learning skills can be done anywhere, any WIPs in any forums tells them. the important thing is to try, and never afraid of failing, because failing lets you to know where to improve.also to wisely use parts that you can use, especially when in kelantan where modeling resources are strictly limited ^^

    good question, where did i learn these skills? lol

  5. the proportion looks better.
    you use the mold, well I can't understand for what though, to attach something?

  6. @Divinelight thanks ^^ well, the so called minus mold is from Kotobukiya's Modeling Support Goods, ranged from custom joints, weapons, detailing parts, and others. minus mold is more like for adding details in the form of barrel like structure (in my very own understanding lah ^^)

  7. ZD strikes back!
    I thought you are busy with school but look at your freedom!! New proportion, me like!

    good luck on the torso ZD, it'll be challenging to detail up that part after the proportion fix ^^

  8. @Heathorn now starts got busy lor ^^;;;
    yeah, now when i see back, moar stuff to i think i just go for...

    FA SF ;)

  9. OMG, your SF is looking better and better every time you post an update! Good going so far!

    Wonder how tall is it compared to a 1/100 now? Since you increased its height quite a lot.

  10. Okay any more mods you can make this an RG strike freedom haha!!

    Love the new proportions man! Looks like modding skill level up!!

  11. @CD thanks bro! ^^ last time i measured it,it tops almost up to 14 cm, still 4 cm away from 1/100 XD

    @Chubbybots LOL RG SF cant make a frame for it lol, already cemented XD

    well yes, im researching on how to build 1/144 Zeta-Frame ^^

  12. The proportion is already nice in my opinion
    I wonder, since you really love to do modification in articulation and proportion, do you have any MG in your stock? If you do, then what kind of modification do you do to it?

  13. @h4msterworld wow,tricky question there XD well, for me, i dont really do MGs (so far i only have 3 MGs ^^) and dont worry, im having a MG for my next kit in modding list.

    as for MG, taking that they are actually good enough, i think i'll just go for detailing. i may do older mGs in the future, and might will fix their poor articulation.but that shall involve altering the frame ^^

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