Saturday, October 9, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Proportion Fix-1-Wings Mod

heh, kinda spent some time on this..quite some works in which i had to do currently, so had to work on SF bits by bits

try to spot the difference!

and this is what i got now ^^

rather than starting from the bottom, i choose to start from the far i got the upper half in progress, of fixing proportion and whatsoever.neck had been extended and still thinking on the torso since i plan on something for that

first, re-aligned the waist. thanks to the railguns, the waist peg is position more to forward at the waist. hence, i cut it off and re-aligned it more to the middle (i said it like this since i think i did some flaws there XD) and i extended the waist peg as well

for the body, to assist on seams removal and painting, i made the torso so that the black and the blue will just fits in together. oh yeah, im doing extension here as well for my own liking, and did you see the huge gap just below the vent's place? might put inner-frame like details to fill it up ^^ and also closed the space from the railguns

due to the PC neck joint, i cant extend the PC i did it like that. and it will just slide into the torso ^^
however seems the neck is a bit too long

and now, the Wings of Dragoons

Dude! Where's the F****** wings???

there you are~! kinda like cape or something isn't it? and all Dragoons are independent now ^^

this shows the configurations better.three on each sides, two on the booster, and aside from attaching them to the readily-existing slot, i mounted 4 Dragoons by MSG joints ^^

and hence..


kinda like DX XD

so what would you say on this? i myself liking this ^^

and now with the LFG.

B@D@$$ XD oh yeah, i removed the ankle guard since it is kinda big to the proportion.great, now more stuff to think on ^^;;

oh, im currently thinking over single dual sabers or combined javelin. the saber is kinda short so i think the combined might look better. what do you think?

oh yeah, back heavy ^^;;;

and that's all for now ^^



  1. That's a very good modification you've made, and makes it more UMMPH~!

    How did you modified the the backpack? It's cool.

    oh yeah... it's from Destiny, so heavy backpack IS to be expected...

  2. looks cool, I wasn't huge fan of SF ( I do like the body but not the armaments including wings). This one is realy impresive, can't wait for the next update

    btw if you have some free time check my blog too :D

  3. Great DRAGOON configuration here. I would like to know in detail how it was made

  4. Very nice mod bro! So you did away with the railguns? What did you do with them?

  5. love the new proportion ZD, nice!
    must have taken lots of time to think and actually do the proportion change, great effort bro!

    for the torso, how about adding some more plaplates below the existing belly?

    and the wings, make them longer ZD! hahaha they will look more awesome :D


    Nice idea man ! Not going to lengthen abit the dragoons ?

  7. Interesting to see how the body changes from looking stout to long now. Interesting placement of the wings and Dragoons. They still look quite similar when open up / spread out, but its closed state does have a 'cape' like kind of appearance. Pretty creative work there, keep it up!

  8. Interesting :D hmm as for the beam saber how about make a lance :)

  9. Looking great! I'm looking forward to this build! SF Kai? LoL!

  10. @Bd hahhaa well, original config got better weight distribution, and mine got more weight dragging the back to the floor XD

    @Aulon Hi there! thanks for the follow! haha i like SF but the rendition for HG is quite bad (the railguns, actually)and im not going for the MG/PG (what for?)and just wanna try some more modeling tricks ^^

    @Mangyver thanks ^^

    @Marzz thanks ^^ haha currently thinking on putting the railguns to the backpack, lets see if the spaces allow.

    @Heathorn haha thanks bro ^^ well, didnt really took long time, i did the upper torso thingy on the morning before i made this post XD easy Heat, im just starting ^^ going on phase by phase.longer wings? lets see

    @Evaritus thanks ^^ dunno, since now it almost touch the ground in closed form.and looks nice enough now ^^

    @Q Thanks a lot ^^

    @Aya hmm lance? nice idea.but i want it to be able to be mounted on SF without killing the sleekness. gonna think on that ^^

    @FreedomWen SF Kai lol~!

  11. excellent build, can't wait for the next process!

    quick question tho, how are you gonna hide the space between the waist and the body part?

  12. @Syful thanks ^^ oh the space, if the torso-waist, a layer of 1mm pla plate will do the job. if it's the space under black part, like MatX said, "pla plate magic" ^^

  13. *read more*
    You caught me by surprise on this one. Nice mods going there especially the wings! It kinda looks like the "final" 00 Qan[T] IMHO. Did you... see the image beforehand? Nonetheless, awesome. :)

  14. good, s.freedom is one HG that's difficult to fix.

    but like NGT factory, after you fix it, it's like magic

  15. @CD LOL hahaha seriously i never seen OOQ type ELS images yet XD dunno what's gonna happen if it end up to be the same as this one XD

    @Divinelight ah yeah, i had saw NGT's SF.pretty good, almost like the MG ver

  16. Wow a world of difference those mods made! I love what you did for the back pack! Looks way better than the default kit!!

    Looks your like mod skill level up!!

  17. @Chubbybots lol thanks man ^^ i think it's just a few o.oo something percent of improvement XD jking