Wednesday, October 20, 2010


my chronograph watch died this morning..about an hour before this post is made..

this watch, was a present to me from my father when he went to Kampuchea. Dunno whether it is original or not, but this is a Patek Phillipe chronograph, he had been serving me for almost 2 years now..and now he had to go...
i treasured this watch ever since i got it, maybe due to him being a chronograph as well as the simple yet majestic design. the original strap is damaged due to my over-sweating hand and replaced it with a cheap yet durable strap..

see those corroded surface? now you get the idea on how long he's been with me ;)
sadly he had to go now..

RIP My Watch T_T

(actually, there are some misplaced parts that made up the mechanism, so i don't know if it is repairable or for now, my wrist is a bit more lighter...)



  1. Ouch... I'd lost countless of wristwatches, ranging from a plain Casio to a G-Shock one (last gone-case) over the period of six years.
    Now, I'm contend with an RM50 Made in Malaysia one. =D

  2. Never wear watches since it leaves tan marks on my wrist..^^"

  3. no use wearing watches for me, either my elder brother using it or I lost them completely, one time I lost one at sea.. =.='

  4. I don't wear watches ever since.... Years ago? Now I rely on my handphone to look at the time. A habit by now.^^

  5. vintage!

    I too cannot wear watch... the moment put it instant lost... or broken ^^;;

  6. Ah the watch my father gave to me also spoiled but I kept it as a momento...heartbreaking for me to throw it away!

  7. woah! seems more people didnt wear wristwatch here XD

    skin tanning isnt a problem for me as im a bit..umm..over tanned? lol and i do like some loads on my left arm, just for exercise XD

    now, i had to rely on handpohones ^^;;;

  8. I know how to fix it, bring it to Sylar! XD

    jk, sorry to hear that ZD, try to get some repairman fix it?

  9. sorry to hear that, hope you can get it fixed.

    havent used wrist watch since middle school, i use my cellphone as my watch these days.

  10. well I don't use any watch.
    my handphone can tell me the time

  11. @Heathorn lolololollol XD haha dunno, maybe just get a new one

    @Rockleelotus and Divinelight hoho, surely people now didnt really like extra weight on the wrist XD

  12. Watch RIP. :(

    I personally don't use a watch anymore. It's kinda annoying to use since it makes my wrist itchy. ^^;

    Nowadays, I just use my handphone or the computer screen in front of my face. Heck, my NDS/PSP can tell me the time as well.

  13. @rndm haha seems watchless is the current trend now XD usually i like having watch during traveling or something ^^