Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Snap Fit

i did said on getting HG Strike Freedom and now he's here ^^ well, took me some time for snap fitting as went for a bit of different approach----on snap fitting XD

oh yes, NK's last post is up, and i had gave it a good read. gonna give another run on that as it is pretty much contains thoughtful stuffs for us to think ^^

okay, for the SF itself..

seriously, the proportion isn't that bad, and it's just will be needing some extensions here and there. i do want to extend the neck, but the PC neck is somehow impossible for such extension but hey, he actually got a very nice neck mobility ^^

like i said, the proportion is good but not until....

the railguns came...

and the proportion is just got kicked off a hiiiiiiiiiiigh cliff, Sparta's style XD

well hell yeah, put the railguns and you got a SF in Rumia-spread-your-arms style, ruining the whole nice stance..the width and breadth of the railguns are just a shame and so i'm going to throw those off the waist and get better waist articulation (the peg that holds the railguns is obstructing the waist)

the guns, or i preferably called it now as a launcher ^^ taking it as the technology from 2005 (or maybe the technology of that palm PC), he holds the rifles loosely and dont ever mention the combined form.that's why i'm putting it in this form, better looking, better holding and better....whatever. still didnt really get my mind clear on why i get the SF, since the seams are darn evil. by this time i had cemented half on the kit.
stress : the gun will be like that, any objections?

hideous seams are hideous. the legs need a bit of extensions in which will go on two parts, upper and lower legs respectively ^^ i can easily cut the lower leg into halves, taking the panel lines as guidance (dont bring my saw, maybe gonna look for Olfa mini saw at a nearby art shop ^^) as for the upper leg, i'll be incorporating the swiveling joint so extension can be done within the process. thinking of giving articulations to the toes, let's see if i got enough PCs for that
(oh wait, i brought my MSG joint with me, nyehehehe)

speaking on other mod plans, i'm altering the wings configurations (already separated all the dragoons as well as putting joints for Ver Ru Dragoon Wings) well, repetitive works, a terror for dragoon/funnel XD

ok, that's all for now ^^



  1. Railgun good idea :D and looking forward for the wings modification.

  2. The guns becoming a launcher is a novel idea there. =D

    Yes... the side rail guns DOES makes looks... orz...

    Can't wait to see the modified version, should look tonnes better. =)

  3. The railguns really make the arms look FAIL lol....

  4. @Aya thanks :D

    @Bd flimsy hand needs something better to hold on. oh yeah the railguns, when im assembling the whole MS without the railguns, i was thinking why it is bad since the proportion isn't that bad, until the railguns comes in...

    if things goes accordingly to keikaku, by the end of this week, the raw version of SF Ver Ru should be appearing ^^

    @Marzz yeeeeeeeeeep, that thing isnt supposed to be at the waist..im putting it higher XD

  5. Railgun ! Make it bigger ! Zutto Ooki desu ! Don't lose to BF 2nd L's Railgun haha !

    Well, instead of cover up the seam lines, how about recreate those hideous seam lines into panel lines instead ?

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  7. IMO, it looks like the Railguns need to be thinner to be more proportionate here. ^^; Guess it is because of the times that it doesn't look so well.

    Can't wait to see what you do with, seems like you have some interesting plans. Got gold paint for it? XP

  8. @Evaritus haha maybe will just add a bit more width ^^ i want it to be sleek~ for turning seams into panel lines, those seam made up some gaps so i think better to remove them and make new panel lines ^^

    @Mr lonely will pay some visit ^^

    @CD ah yeah, it needs to be thinner but i rather have some nice looking side skirts there ^^ the railguns need to find a new home XD

    still dont get gold paints, but can get it later (dunno when will it got painted)

    for next mod plan, spoiler-

  9. The spoiler reminds me with Gundam X

  10. @Z4nDa1 (wtf????) yeeeep something like that

  11. Having the combined beam rifles held over the shoulder is good. Not only does it look more stable and cooler, it reminds me of the beam launcher for ReZEL too.

    Good luck on 'modernising' the HG SF. I'm curious to see how your final work will look like~