Friday, November 19, 2010

SD Strike Noir-Completed

huh..managed to pull up this one within the two days limit i set for Noir.

And now he's done.completed. with decals. and heavily drowned in flat coat (no kidding)
Gallery will be up in December, camera not available now...

lots of stuffs being experienced throughout the painting. i tried hand painting, which turn out sorta good (hand painted both rifles ^^;;) and the decals works better here, compared to StarGazer. although there are some decals that suffered silvering and got some blotches, yet i managed to make the decals to look as if they are printed directly. in other words, nicely made decals after flat coat ^^

talk on flat coating, seems i went overboard at this point. i finish up painting a certain part, and then directly topcoat it. sorta like Noir got 4-5 layers of topcoat ^^;;; and the result? some parts are too flat and inconsistencies occur. yet i find it looks good XD

Next Stop. Emperor Sonsaku Physalis or Sonsaku Physalis- Sealed Tiger Saber Awakening form or whatever name you wanna call it XD



  1. Nice spotlight effect there on your Noir. =D

    Wait... four or FIVE layers of top coat?
    U MAD? *insert Sanae's UMAD pic here*

    Oh... Next project, eh?

  2. Wogh... SD Strike Noir eh,
    btw ZD lately you sure active at SD eh?

  3. @Bd cant help...went overboard....
    not really a new project, more like finishing up a delayed project ^^;;;

    @Mafty hmm dunno, only some SDs i picked up as "relax build" ^^;;;

  4. he looks really good and nice finishing within deadline! i find working with deadlines makes me rush quality but it does improve how you build and it gets the job done lol

    his armor is thicker with heavy flat coat build up! haha XD look forward to the next SD power up ^^

  5. Wah, even with all those coats, it looks nice! *thumbs up*

    Next up, Wolverine wannabe! XD

  6. @Rocklee hahaha not really a deadline for something, just putting it up so that i actually will finish it up.

    @CD haha he failed as date masamune wannabe

  7. Seeing ya doing the SD, kinda wanna finish modding up my Emperor Sonken version & Genbuso Ryofu before starting to surface it with white then hand painted 'em... but seriously, 5 layers !"

    *U MAD*

  8. @Evaritus go mod mod mod MOD!! XD
    haha, yeah, its hard when you got nice result from just want to spray moar ^^;;;