Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HGUC Jegan- Silver Collar- Preview

and Jegan is done! yaay~!!

seriously, cant help but got reminded to GPB Hi-Nu when i put this guy together, looking at how the colors go..

but still, nicely painted~ and the stripes are looking good!

LED still works, but i cant make out the circuit, so i'll leave the LED uncircuited for the time being ^^;;;

yet, got some mishaps from the painting so why dont i...

Preview ^^ i call it Silver collar because i painted the collar silver XD we got Silver Bullet so a Silver Collar wont look that off XD


poor sonsaku.... XD


  1. o0o0o0h i like seeing weathered kits, he looks good in the preview ^^

    nothing like a mishap to lead you in doing something different! lol sansaku is in trauma mode XD

  2. TPB color spotted. =)

    Weathering on the shield looks nice, but on the kit itself kinda "kureng" eh.

  3. So this is how he looks like in detail. Quite nice but... will the effects stays after reposing a few times?

    Awww... Poor Sonsaku... XD

  4. @rocklee yup :D trying new stuff XD

    @Evaritus uh well..didnt expect it to turn out to be in GPB hi-nu colors ^^;;;kureng? maybe photo is not that clear.sorta think i had put it enough

    @Bd yeees. as for that.i should make this as nice by only no pose, just stance ^^

    sonsaku being sonsaku XD

  5. Lol the last remind me of my huge backload of backlogs....

    Very refreshing colors for the Jegan instead of the minty green!

  6. Very nice weathering!
    Poor Sonsaku....

  7. @Chubby hehe, numbers of my backlogs is drastically going down XD still, the white looks a bit minty~

    @Marzz thanks!

  8. u post at facebook the picture rite? i tot it was a nu gundam lol

  9. Love the weathered effect ^^

  10. @gunpla oh lol Nu????

    @h4msterworld thanks ^^

  11. wow Love the weathering effect :)

  12. U using black paint to do weathering?

  13. @Mangyver silver, black and white paint

  14. hahaha, sonsaku is crying, love the pose ^^

    your jegan looks like MKII, like the color bro!
    What happened to the painting? I see you still have the masking tape on, can't wait to see the final.

    This is going to bakuc right?

  15. @ Heathorn oh no lol, that's not masking tape, that's yellow stripes XD
    no no no, i canceled entering BAKUC this year, got a problem so i had to stay at year will try to enter it ^^

  16. ahh, sorry ZD >.<
    so this is the finished product.