Thursday, April 29, 2010

ZD-Base 1st Anniversary

Oh yes, its 29th April today..and in 2009, in the exact same date and month, the first post in zd-base is posted ^^ (please don't search for that 1st post, i failed making the first post lulz)

how i am happy that my blog is 1 year old now ^_^

first and foremost, i would like to thank everyone who had supported me to make this blog alive lulz

anyway, i don't think will post some pictures, maybe will just make a wall of text..haha

for some flashback and 'behind the scene',the main purposes for me to make this blog is that i wanted to share with people the interest of mine (and yours too)- Gunpla
having inspired by NgeeKhiongEX, i planned to make a Gunpla Blog with some random life posts, and language...err...the early plans is that Gunpla-post is in English and life posts in Malay (of course ROJAK XD) however after the 'tag' post, i chose to make full English blog (and my english is not good also)

also, me in real life is kinda 'unnoticeable'..maybe because my i want people to know me (not for fame) so due to that, in 2007 i created 'Zoidiect' 2nd side (lol) and yes, that's for ZoidsPoison ^^;;

however, even for my Friendster account, i put that name also plus adding 'Archaea'
funny thing on that Archaea is that i just RANDOMLY created that name and never know the real fact on that name until a referral came up...its 'pictures of archaea'
and guess what?

archaea is actually a group of microorganism!! (and i goes 'lolwhut' when i know about this XD)

anyway, as for almost everyone,when you started a blog, that time you hardly get a comment or even views..and i also went through that period..almost about 6 months lol..and yes, i tried making reviews but went out to be, when i happen to view lots of WIPs around the net, i decided to start making mods...

and my first victim is my FG Virtue although the post is in August, i actually made that mod in May O.o long delay lol

maybe to explain that delay is that last year is my last year for secondary schooling and i'm in a boarding school so lets say 4/5 of 2009 was in mostly my posts are in 2 weeks gap..and that explain my loooooong WIP for OO, the gap between Part 1 and Part 5 (err..5...) is 15 days..lolz

and after my Big Exam ended aka SPM, i managed to give full attention to this blog ^^

and yes, actually for this anniversary, i wanted to make some you can see, i had changed to layout a bit and the header....urr...too bad i dont have the usual camera with me now..since i rather like to use real pictures as header..and that caused me be unable to make the updates on my Project KnightinGale..currently working on the backpack ^^

and i had just ordered pla-plates since i'm running low in modding materials >_>;;
(also i just grabbed a SD stargazer lolz)

however, my blog started to be more lively when i started the OO light-up project (thanks for luring at NK's Cbox hahahahahaha that one time only XD) and luckily i got myself into a great community (thank you marzz)..meeting people of same interest and sharing thoughts and also.....*points to blogrolls* thank you guys

I HAD BEEN DEEPLY POISONED WITH TOUHOU (mukyuuu~!!!!)>_>;;;;;;; (tq statwiz hahaha)

anyway, i think that should be enough (write more and i'll got spammed as ZeeDionEX etc etc lol)

telling a bit more, the views now is exceeding 3800 views, however, i started the hit counter in December number might be a bit wrong (since i took my profile views as starting number hahaha)

again, thank you for the support ^_^


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project KnightinGale File 1

My project of the year~!


first let me get it clear on this 'KnightinGale'

i happened to write a Gundam-like story during my exams last year and i managed to make kinda great story (well, everyone likes it when you can write nonsense XD)
so, 4 exams + 1 special test, i had write kinda Eps 1, Eps 2, Eps 3, Eps 3 (alternative) , and Eps 4 ^^

telling a bit on the Story ^^

the setting is absolutely fictional, unlike Gundam Story,this one is kinda like on a Personal Military faction (not CB~) who accepts request from other country for military assistance..and yeah, in this story there's no stupid war between countries in the world, only some global terrorist making stir around ^^;;;

however in all 4 (+1) Eps i wrote, i only make battles on the top terrorist, Black Fang

first, What is KnightinGale?

as i mentioned, this is a Gundam like story but since this is made during English exam, so i cant write Mobile Suit or teacher will have a large '?' on her making it easier, i addressed these 'MS' as Fighting Machine (Duuh, lame name) FigMach in short XD

in the story, the world was introduced on this MS-like technology so there are not much FigMach..the very first that i created is Exalt, transformable FigMach..from the data they created mass-FM=Pawn and make special units...the KnightinGale

(note : i use same naming concept as Code Geass Knightmare so that explain the K in KnightinGale )

Black Fang= Raptor and lead unit= CaeZare

technology? i created the Quark Throttle system (im in OO fever when i make this story >_>;;;)

a bit summary on all Eps ^^

Eps 1 = mainly introduction, no KnightinGale yet.. the only eps that main character use Exalt lulz

Eps 2 =KnightinGale is introduced..managed to write quite nice battle between Blade KnightinGale + Cannon KnightinGale vs CaeZare

Eps 3 = some love essence a bit (yuck) main setting at outer space..main reference for the storyline= Kurogane No LineBarrel (eps on destroyng that satellite cannon (manga)) extra weapon in this eps= Helix Cannon

Eps 3 alternative = the best battle i ever write, both Blade KGale and CaeZare is destroyed lolz

Eps 4 = final eps ^^ Blade KGale is hijacked and battle between Lance KGale and Blade

going on the point, KnightinGale is a Knight-looking Unit
and got variations..not really since its a military unit so it got specific the story there are 5 units of KGale and got custom weapon based from the pilots ^^

Unit's Config= Normal armor and Assault Armor (main weapon here is Strike Grappler Claw ^^ might make this)

Weapon = so far i make design on Blade pack, Cannon pack , Dash pack and a custom lance

im building myself a KnightinGale using DSSD Astray kit as the base

however, im sucks in making designs in black and white so this project will be a random mod >_>;;; feel free to throw comments or suggestions ^^
hopefully can produce a Knight-looking kit lolz

lacking material also now =_=

nevermind about that XD

i chose DSSD Astray since it has visor~hahaha

some progress so far ^^

the original skirt is small so im making it bigger and longer

this astray got small torso and i happen to get longer arm via some mods in previous making the right proportion, i make the torso a bit longer..cut it into half first..

stacked some cards in it and got a nice length~

also, got the head fitted with a PC and it give me the effect on lengthened neck~~

for the side skirts, i glued a piece from the backpack to make it into a side binder

did some 'pla'-plating job so now i have..

err...i do felt that something isnt right now...maybe IMO

put some antennas on the head...turned out to be some sort of oni-looking O.o

thanks to the PC, the neck seems to be lengthened so it can make the menacing down staring lolz

wanna make the torso bulkier to match the proportion so just randomly put some plates there...

made some more cutting and gluing at the front skirt to get a nice looking one

so far just playing around with the armors and slapping them randomly at the leg..maybe need more to make it better =D

as for the rifle, i combined the main rifle with barrel from NG 1/144 Strike..will add more after this ^^

some action pose

now i get doesnt look like a MS....too slim IMO...derrkkh..maybe need more armors..

*insert Grappler Claw* XD but thats why i wanna make that weapon haha

thats all now ^^


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Safe and Sound~
(well,they didnt put the word 'laju' in PosLaju for nothing)

for anyone who read this post might wanna know what happen to TK221's old unit,the DSSD Astray..

guess what~?

got a parcel today~ BD posted this yesterday and it arrived today around 2.00 pm~ as expected from PosLaju lolz~

here goes the unboxing~

after some thick protective outer wrapping, here comes the shell that protect the precious content~

woah~ such efforts to ensure the safety of the content~

what i got inside?

OMG OMG OMG DSSD ASTRAY~!! the key item for my main project of the year 2010~
Zillions Of Thanks To BD and TK221 for letting me to have this unit ^_^

may i announce it.....

*insert drum-roll*


details on it will be covered later XD

huh? there's something inside this plastic rolls


ohho~ the rest of the accessories~ again still in good condition~

okay then, time to put this thing standing

yeah, kinda lots of trouble to make it stand..some parts wanna pop off, some are loose etc etc (but im aware for this since BD had remind me lots of time on such flaws)
well, this is a TTHL kit not Bandai =D

so now, lets strip this guy~

yes one will hate you if you give a HG kit with such great inner frame lolololol

okay, articulation test

being a PC-less kit, mostly of the joints are ball joint and is in the form of double ball it can pull off such great pose but some joint are tight and some are dead loose....this is a call for my tool box ^^

time to give this guy some PCs

the feet got a PC-like piece but is made of PS plastic and such joint as prone to looseness and breakage so need to change it

tried to fit a PC there and it fits nicely~ great~!

also for the hip joint, i squeezed a PC there

however, problem hit on me as i lack of suitable ball-slot PC for the shoulder so

by cutting and gluing, i combine the original piece with the PC-like piece from the feet

then i also glued the armor attachment part to it

the result?

=D fits nice and great~also give some length to the arm~

going more a little bit...

the hip joint is like double ball joint so to make it to have stiffer joint, i glued the ball-joint so that it become a fixed hip-joint..also puttied that part to give more strength~

thats it~ supposely i should not work on it but went berserk mode and give it a blow
anyway, lots of thanks again to BD and TK221 for this unit =D

will give the best for this mod~!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 5

Almost done~!

being an OOB kit doesnt require lots of mod work and for the add-on i choose to go on simple on them ;)

painted the cannon with flat black (accidentally used flash for the pic but seems to be okay) i didnt give lots of detailing work/sanding since this part is made of non-compact plastic so sanding it will make it even worse -_-

just making it simple~ take it easy okay~ also had painted the screw's head gold to make the mechanical feels to stand out more ^^the tip is the original color of the metal

also got a clear piece from a clear runner and painted it with permanent green marker to get clear green effect~ thats the sensor/scope~

looks better now~ gotta love that sensor fin~ it makes it look juuuuuuuuust better~!!

however, since the cannon is mostly filled up with putty, so it gained some in un-deployed mode, it experiencing some back heavy....but i like the deployed version more...more cool lolz~

some action poses ^^

hidden beam saber ftw~!

truly the fin on the cannon just give the cannon much better look

thats all for the build phase of RX-78 G30th Custom..only left is touch-ups and topcoating~ had make this one fast since im now eager on my project of the year lolz~


HGUC RX-78-2 Custom WIP 4


going more on granddaddy~

as im using the saber's mount for the cannon, so had to relocate one of the hilts and i choose to put it at the back of the shield...made some slots at the peg and slots

there, how the saber is mounted...note the direction of the saber? hehehehe

NOW THATS WHAT I CALL AS CHEATING~ err...better say extra hidden weapon lolz~

hidden weapon=pwnage XD

fufufufufu~ cant say i dont like hidden weapons~
done with alternate rack

the cannon next

change of plan on the cannon..i had ditch the ballpen and use this anonymous plastic (my lil bro toys i think) since i found it to be more nice looking~

changed the arm from the previous pic into this one..making it to have the look of simplicity~and the attachment is secured by screw~like it~

added some more pieces and a metal piece from some old electronic board and...

hohoho~ cannon no more~ now i have BEAM CANNON~!!!
and next is~ (no more biohazard, and i found playing putty is fun now lolz ^^;;;)

filled the large hollow gaps with putty and suprisingly, it tends to harden really fast..which make my work faster~!

and, this pic is taken less than 20 minutes after applying the isnt it?

and the putty job this time kinda perfect~(might play with it some more and make attempt on patchy lololololol)

and finally

covered it with Tamiya's basic putty to cover up small gaps =D

thats all...not really much progress =D