Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The TrailBlazer

been a while since my last post. to be true, i have no idea what to post here, good thing i still got this. and yeah, you can say this post is severely posted late

screw that, it is an obligatory for me to post this up. my first dio anyway

and so, behold The TrailBlazer

(really sorry for this gallery, kinda rushed on it,so yea, not so nice looking background ^^;;)

now, well, yeah, i did this for my research subject at college, uh well, didnt really wanna talk on that
anyway, this dio is nothing but OOQ heading to spank an ELS pwning a GN-XIII. and that's it.
somewhat didn't have mood for the standard wall of text, so i leave the WIP links to do the explanations for you guys
enjoy the crappy photos XD

and here's the links for the WIP
-WIP 1
-WIP 2
-WIP 3
-WIP 4

HG OOQ- Gallery

and that's all for now. my finals are coming next week, and later i'll be back to my usual modelling routines.


  1. Nice DIO! Love the ESL Effects (or whatever those aliens were called) LOL XD repainting the GNX?

    is the GNXIII good? been thinking to get one =3

  2. Nice wall of photos. XD

    ELS is about to be stabbitied. =D
    Loved the asteroid surface.

  3. @Khaidir thanks, and yes, the GNX is fully repainted. i dunno how to say, but i can say GNXIII is kinda a good kit. but i do think the original GNX is better with longer binders and longer rifle

    @Bd thanks bro ;) cant have wall of texts, have some wall of photos XD

  4. Makes me wish Bandai would make a HG GN-X IV already. That and the original GN-X are my favorites!

  5. @Tom i second that, GN-XIV is one awesome design that gets no love :(