Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something not-really-related

I should haven't read that Ronin Astray WIP......

currently, i am quite lazy to go to the store...well, i just need to buy blue paint and double-sided scotch tape and i can finish that GN Sword X...but...
i am a bit lazy to do so...
can say that old sickness strike back ^^;;

but then,scrolling some tread at Hobbyfanatics, i stumbled on a tread where someone's turning a PG Astray into a Samurai-looking Astray...and yeah i found that it looks cool....

the evening is a bit boring so...

yes, that's it! got some phone card cut and glued and ended up with this...a Katana!

the design is pretty simple but it still the basic sword and i'll shall add more details soon ^^
OO : wtf? i need no katana..just finish my X!!!ONNOORREEE, ZD!!!

ignored him ^^

Nadleeh seems to be happy with that sword ^^
what should i name the sword?
any suggestions? lol

and just now, something stumbled upon my mind, which is making a Musha Gundam..hehe, first a knight then a samurai?
oh my...
but then, if i still can't find any DSSD Astray (bootleg,of course!), i might go on making this musha gundam instead...well there are lots of bootleg kits that i think are convertible into this musha type (but for the knight only DSSD Astray that i found is suitable for such conversion ^^)

well then, need to complete X first and then will decide on which go first..whether Project KnightinGale File 1 or Musha XXXXX Scroll 1 ^^


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ZoidsPoison Custom Contest 2010 Results

The Results Are In!!!!

yes, as i mentioned, the results for ZPCC 2010 is announced now
however, for ZPCC 2010, the voting period is not well announced so there are not so many members of ZP that vote for the contest's entries...
so the results are :

Entry 22: RPZ-212 Storm Heron with 14 votes

Entry 17: 无 (Wu) with 13 votes

Entry 18: Poseidon with 11 votes

Entry 14: Detective Labrador with 5 votes

Entry 23: XZ-109 Askari with 4 votes

Entry 19: Berserker Tiger with 3 votes

Entry 12: Rapid Leopard II with 3 votes

Entry 26: Whitz Jaguar w/ Armament sets with 3 votes

Entry 13: EMZ 46 Stegomya with 2 votes

Entry 20: Gero Chan with 1 vote

Entry 16: Achaean Thorn with 1 vote

Entry 21: Molga Scarlet Special with 1 vote

Entry 25: Blade Runner with 1 vote

Entry 30: Patrol with 1 vote

There, i've listed all entries that got you can see from the votes gained by each entry, not so many members had voted......
BTW, for 2010, there are a few changes are made which is participants can't vote for their own entry(ies), 3 votes per member...
with overall 36 entries, i think that 3 votes per member is not enough..

as for the results, there are some customs that i didn't expect to get voted and for my own entry, StrikEagle , yeah, got no vote at all.....this is one thing that make me felt downed a bit...after submitting my entry and more striking entries are submitted by other members, i'd assumed that my entry can't go for the top five but at least it will got some least i can know that someone like my custom^^;;
but then, maybe due to the limited number of votes that a member could cast......ahh, nevermind...this is just a start

as for the winners,
Storm Heron and Askari came from the same person so it will be replaced by the next entry on the list but there are 3 customs that had the same amount of the admin of ZP said that a poll for the 5th place will be arranged^^

as for the prizes, top 5 entries will receive $100 but winner with multiple winning entries will only got prize for one entry only and the 1st place will received this , a mini statue made using 3D printer aside from cash prize
for ZPCC 2011, i'll be betting on this...somehow, scratch building is fun!!!

ZPCC 2011, here i come!!!!

note: I'm not the admin ^^


Monday, February 22, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 5

More putty Flaws

from the poll results, i'm going to go with Omegamon color scheme for the blade which is black and silver.....starting the painting process, i firstly give X a nice coat of white paint as primer(still cannot find any surfacer T_T)

since i'm using spray can and this brand is not really 'right', so i sprayed a thin coat and repeated the process until i got a good layer of coat..since if it is sprayed at great amount at a time, the paint will flow and will cause surface to be uneven (experience this a lot during painting StrikEagle ^^;; ), this is how it look after a nice white coating .. more flaws during putty applying process are now more obvious >_< putty Flaw....rough surface and brittle look

another flaw.... uneven surface and 'chipped' edges

and yeah, thanks for every C & C that are given for all the WIPs!! so, some revising is comments on the RaiXer Sword that it is oversized and messy so i'll change the look a bit...

yep, i reduce the width of the beam but still retaining the 'flame' effects...i did mentioned earlier that superglue is useless on this pink sheet so i can take the pieces apart easily and easily took the glue off the sheet...will clean it throughly after this

so, when it is assembled together, it will look like this...looking nicer..combining the thin look of RD and extreme effects of ver ZD ^^ but gotta think of something to put them together as it put superglue to shame ^^;;

searched at the store for blue and dark gray paint but only managed to find gray paint so let it be..the painting must goes on..

that will the part in gray color...the lower part will be in blue as to pay respect to OO's weapon lineups ^^

a better picture....the spray paint turned out to be glossy/shiny..? wth?

that will be the latest progress so far....while searching for blue paint, i'll figure it out on something to replace superglue ^^;;


Friday, February 19, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 4


from yesterday putty job, mostly work is on forming the final shape of X...
after spending soooome time sanding....this will be the final form (not climax form)

still retaining the early design though...

something i noticed that i've probably mixed the putty wrong....since it supposed to be white when completely cured but it is not really white....and i'd put the putty not compact enough so there are some tiny air spaces in the putty causing it to become brittle when being sanded...the surface got ruined a bit...

that will be the final work for X's design...
next is the winner for this thing..the RaiXer Sword!!!

the pink sheet is cut into halves and...

is cut into the desired shape....of course it is done under reference of X ^^

repeated the process with the other half...i'd already made the peg for the attachment

however, with only two pieces, it will be a bit weak so i added some strength and effects on the beam blade ^^ noticed that the effects is like a flame so i had to trace it carefully using scribber and cut it with a sharp knife..

and lastly glue them together...but this pink sheet puts the superglue to DIDN'T STICK WITH SUPERGLUE!!!!! now had to think of something to get the sheets get together...

once done.....(Moe sure wanna see this ^^)

Wa~lla!!! you got it now!! looks like executor though...but it puts Bandai HG Raiser sword to fatal shame XD!! but now OO faces some weight issue..
the elbow joint can afford the weight but the shoulder joint fails to do so...

so then,for display purpose...better without RaiXer sword since OO might slice other kit as well and the weight will cause OO be banned for using stand at the if i want the RaiXer Sword...displaying might be like this :-

owh great----- LoL...almost show all of my shelf XD

FYI, the length of X's blade is almost 8 cm while the RaiXer Sword is 29, almost beat RD's Raiser Sword ^^;;

don't believe what i'm saying?

these are the measurements !!

and yes, another lame video ^^

and yeah, i need suggestions on some aspects...

first is, what color you want for the blade?

and, do like the design of RaiXer Sword?

i'll be making some polls on these and hopefully i can get to the results ^^
(polls are up at upper right side ^^)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 3

Putty job=2nd Round

from last night biohazard.....i came up with some precautions on working with the putty ^^ well, a real banana plant wont bear fruit for the 2nd time!!

best thing to work with something that threatens your life...rubber gloves and face mask!! (anyone guessed that i'll be using the helmet?)

not too much update in this WIP since X is purposely a Sword so not too much add-ons needed on i'll came up on how i work with the phone card ^^

first, trace/sketch/draw the design on the card..

to make cutting process become easier, i scribed guidelines on the drawing with that tool..kinda handy ^^ can be use for making panel-lines, pick up stickers, and hold tiny parts and the parts can be held tightly by tightening the tongs with the screw and nuts ^^

and then, cut it off with a sharp knife^^

there are not too much progresses on X, since the design is almost be just only little add-ons ^^

add more plates on the upper and lower parts

and for the main thing anticipated on this weapon, the RaiXer Sword..

got the beam saber hilts from TT hongli Exia TA and cut off the lower part

the upper side of the hilts is glued on each side of the base of the blade..

this is how it look alike..the hilts will serve as slots for the pegs of the RaiXer Sword..the same goes for the shallow slot on the upper side.

and then, putty job again!!
to avoid from wasting the putty like last night, i cut the unmixed putty into some equal parts

pizza anyone? this one smells funny ^^;;
by doing this, i can take some of it, knead it, put on the place i want and get the rest without wasting any putty for no reason at all

done with the putty job on i shall wait until it cures completely and will sand it to its final form...and then, will give it some coat of white paint and will go on making the RaiXer Sword ^^

okay then !!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying Putty....

Smells Funny..

tried out the putty i got...should be more aware when using this.. T_T

how it a cylinder of resin and thinks..

lets started on it!!
i kneaded it with some water and it got kinda soft..

the amount that i cut

how it looks after being me..the smell of this thing is KILLING ME !!!ORZZ!!!

however...i didnt notice that the instuction told that it must be used within 2 minutes after being after i filled the gap in the picture...the rest got kinda wasted...orz...

tomorrow will see the result...lets see if this putty is worth buying ^^


Some Tools...

help on putty, anyone?

went to a store for getting some stuff for the GN Sword X, so here's what i got ^^

not too much stuff...just enough for my current requirement

Sandpaper....180, 360, and 1000 grit

paint brush....kinda small tip..might be useful lol

yes, did i mentioned that i'm making the RaiXer Sword? this is the key item!!

and lastly...the putty...i got some trouble when i'm choosing the putty since this is the first time i'm using first i was going to choose the 2-tube type: the resin and hardener but i went buying this instead...

some instructions at the, is this type of putty is good? can anyone help me with this? i bought it as it says epoxy putty-high grade----lallallalla~

but still think that it will benefit me~ ^^


GN Sword X!! WIP 2

and, for the real type~

have i mentioned that i'm a fast worker? ^^

being quite lively today, i started working on X early in the morning..

managed to cut out the templates before i took my bath ^^

went to a store and bought super glue and attached them i got this!!

comparison with the is longer, slimmer, slender and more mecha-looking

after some rounds of sanding, here's what i got
as the building goes, i had to add more plates to increase the strength of the bonds between the parts

quite hard to put on the arm at first..but after the lower piece came apart and is re-glued, putting it to the arm is easier than the prototype version ^^ no need to remove the palm, lol

the thickness of the blade and thin ^^

Oh my......*speechless*

will increase the thickness of some parts...note that i'd already removed OO from its lighting system ^^

now i'm going to a store to get some putty and something for the RaiXer Sword


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 1

GN Sword X?

due to the prOOtest held before, i had to find a solution to stop the protest, after spending some time at the "dark side", i came to a solution!!

it is::: GN Sword X!! (thanks to Moemoekyun for the idea and the name!)

first and foremost..
the design..

a random sketch on the weapon...i just only draw the basic design and will add more details once the main frame is finished (those zig-zag lines is due i was transferring the design to a mounting board)
as you can see, this weapon is not a folding type but i will consider adding firepower when the main frame is complete ^^

without hesitating, i took some mounting board and cut out the templates and attached them together....there, i got the prototype for the weapon!!

test fit on the is held quite good due to the weapon being locked onto the arm at 3 points : the palm. lower arm, upper arm

with this, i can see the end of the demOOnstration ^^

however, for the real type, i had to use a material to replace pla-plates (still cannot get a grip on these T_T)

Taaddda!!! kadfon/phone card!! why i choose to use this? i saw at this blog where neck joint extension is made using credit card to replace pla-plates!!
Derringer also got me impressed when he used talc powder and superglue to remove seamlines ^^

latest progress....i'd cut the main blade and the side cores for the is longer and thinner compared to the prototype ^^....will add the details next!!

and yes, i made a video (more lame than Tsuki's video!!) demonstrating on how the sword is attached to the arm ^^
enjoy!!(imagine rrobbert184 doing the talking^^ LoL)

LoL, low quality ^^