Wednesday, October 31, 2012

River Monsters

quite a big fan of the tv show (or at least of what i could get off youtube), all aligned with my angling hobby, and somewhat reliving back the hunter inside me. didn't actually think that i will impulse out and buy the book, great read nonetheless (still don't finish it up though)

also, considering that i will be around adelaide for a couple of long time, it should be compulsary for me to test out the water here :D

he's the man! Jeremy Wade that is!

ZD, first year semester two pre-exam

Sunday, October 7, 2012

HG Zeydra Group Build!- CHARGE-KICKED!!


(sticky post) 07/10/2012 update


yea, it isn't good to hold this up any longer. procrastinating on this is pretty much adds up to what i had been procrastinated with my school stuff haha ^^;;;

anyway, to look at it, a GB is bound to have people not making to the deadline and i am thoroughly awared with that. nonetheless, to have participants that managed to pull through and get their zeydra done nice and shine :D and i hereby thank you all for participating, and who knows if i am to organize more of these in future xD and thus, may i congratulate to all four completers (?) that gloriously completed their Zeydra, the honor is all yours to BD77, CD, Zeon Two Six and Jack Chua. you folks have interesting takes on your own Zeydra and within my no-gunpla period, it is truly enjoyable to observe and follow those WIPs and view the results

and for the bonus part, the Hyper Zeydra Kick contest. the previous Hyper Sinanju kick had its winner through the democracy of voting (lulz) but for Zeydra's, i decided to decide it by my own...if you choose to put your faith on my randomness... ^^;;;;

anyway, without further ado, may i present you what i thought as the best Zeydra kick!

yeaaaaaaaa. i kinda think that the whole is agreeing for this. i broke into absurd laughter till i hurt my sides badly, so yeaa, with such gratuitous amount of lulz, Jack Chua received my award for Hyper Zeydra Kick and thus receiving a HGUC Unicron Destroy Pearl edition, courtesy of Tsukinari Mugetsu of To Aru Shumi no Tsukinari . congratulations again to the best kick and also to everyone joining this group build. and thus, with due respect, this GB officially ends.

 thank you  and thank you again :D

read more to see the GB in details