Sunday, September 26, 2010

okay, lets re-organize things up..

just that I'm not going directly on what I'm actually planning for my next two post, in which both posts will be something that is i didn't ever did here, so I'm just going to re-organize my plans until 2010 ends. Yet, most things i think will only be executable starting from mid-november..

well, lets start it.

how funny most of my wish lists are getting fulfilled, this year.Taking that I'm making a long term investment, so i take it as "okay". and so, for my Gunpla list, there are only three kits that i want, which is HGUC Sinanju, RG RX-78-2 and MG OOQ.

hmm, maybe Sinanju and RG will end up as backlogs for a while XD one and half a month, how many work logs i'll be able to complete?

speaking of work logs

Jegan-primed, only LED mod that im left with, and i can do that after painting.

Sonsaku-aaaaaaaaalmost done i think, SB stuffs? only left the holster for the claws to be SB.and the sealing some more gaps and clean-up

Strike Noir-clean up-detail up-paint up-gallery up!

KGale- time to let cat out off the bag..

now i think the so-called "PROJECTOFTHEYEARLOLWUT" isn't a really good idea. i started up Project KGale without enough skills, tools, and material. and i had to say that i got KGale- screwed up-

im not failing and im not giving up but it is just that im doing something far beyond i could afford when im on the mood for it and now im left with some mess i needed to clean
and when i checked it back during the break, the visor suddenly broke!? wth not my fault arrgghh

in other words, it's like "mistakes done by older generations and newer generations are left to be blamed"


hence, i will NOT be carrying out Project 剣 next year and will not carry it out until i approve myself to be able to carry it out. and no more project of the year thingy...time to go random next year and afterward

on some more stuff, i skipped HG OOQ so HGUC Sinanju is the next get. and that is kinda disturbing me right now. i planned to work on some gunplas at college after mid-semester break so i brought about some tools.

cutting mat, nippers, file, sand papers, pla plates, both of my cements, bondite epoxy putty, basic putty, scriber, MSGs, and whatnot.

well, some.

and Sinanju...if it's a early october release then around mid october it will be available here, i think. heck, that time I'm going to focus for finals >_< so lets say i brought tools almost for nothing ^^;;;;;;;;

well, mistakes sometimes, next time learn ^^

hmm..netbook is pretty good~ i <3 my Aspire One!
(hey, the croom is empty...)

oh, and yes, my next two posts. i'll be reincarnating something i left about for almost one year, in which orchestra-related other words, lets review musics! and for my first review, lets see, oh! Oh! OH! Oriental Evening Sky! Arrange version!

and also another post will be on my thoughts on Touhou's Figmas, Nendoroids, and Mameshikis.
(okay, take this as something none mecha that i like, before this i only like gunplas)

uhh...i want Mameshiki Flandre..i know where to get it, i know how to get it..i know who can help me.. XD

hmm..which one should i post first?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

MG OO Qan[T]! Yay!

*cross out HG OOQ from list*

Oh yeah! something great for November!
(so this is the post numbered what on MG OOQ?)

and so Bandai announced MG OOQ to be the next MG from OO series, rolling out for november! Perfect for my semester break!
and i just cant hate OOQ, the design is simple and something (for me, yes), despite his less-offense role ^^
Great proportions! abundant details! hopefully there will be less seams (or maybe no seams at all) since for some times lately, i've been thinking on how to deal with HG OOQ's seams (although i didnt buy it yet and will never buy it i think) especially the seams on the head, it is just annoying XD

they might be putting the arms a little bit awkward but that's nothing. something is not right with the size of the right left arm where the left palm seems to look a bit oversized but the details is a \YAY!/. i just love all the panel lines and whatnot. i suspect the frame will be incomplete just like MG Exia but what the heck do i care for the frame? i wont be posing him naked

Extra Handles for Sword bits! and more importantly.... ALMOST-TO-ACCURATE-PALM for grabbing GN Sword V! Oh boy how nice~!!!! hopefully there will be less weight issue for the Buster sword and Buster rifle ^^

people may be thinking over the Full Saber attachment and so i DON'T. i never fancied over MSV stuff, due to some reasons. it is not that i hate the design, i like OO7S/G design, and some MSV designs but sometimes i just feel like the original design is better.sometimes MSVs designs are way more overkill XD well, it is just me ^^;;; however, to think that people says that final configuration for OOQ is something like OOQ with freedom-ish wings (or i just name it OOQ type ELS) appearing just doing nothing so i think it will be less possible for it to come out as Plamo.

and that wraps up my responses on MG OO Qan[T]. it will be here at ZD-Base in december (it somehow might be late november release i think XD)

(images taken from NgeeKhiong)

Monday, September 20, 2010

SD Strike Noir- Proportion Fixs

*Starts up Oriental Evening Sky (Arrange ver)*

sorry, currently being addicted to that song, the strings were just perfect~and it's a song/BGM from Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST ^^ try listening it, truly suits my Orchestraic needs XD

anyway, lets start it up again


This Is...?

found an easy formula on carrying out quick proportion fix-i fixed Noir's proportion in just a night, i mean a WHOLE night
only slept 2 hours due to doing school's assignments ^^;;

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SD Strike Noir-Snap Fit!

now im pretty sure that i do love SDs

and so..

This Is Awesome

This Is Retarded..

Monday, September 13, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 7

now almost going to reach the end~

and now..
Arms ARMORED! And Asymmetrical! (seriously, maybe i should had used 0.3 plates for the bendy armors not 0.5)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Compiling most of the WIPs in hand together!!

hehe, got this one done!